Trump Plans to Apply for Luxury Homes Project in his Doral Golf Resort

DORAL, FL – Former U.S. President Donald Trump plans to build 2,300 luxury homes as well as retail and commercial space in his Doral Golf Resort.

Trump National Doral, which extends in 54 acres, was bought in 2012 and has four golf courses and a luxury hotel, could turn into Doral International Towers if gets approval by the City Council in unanimous vote.

“Doral is probably the most valuable property in South Florida,” Eric Trump, the former president’s son and executive vice president of the Trump Organization, told Bloomberg in 2021. “It’s 700 acres in Miami and that is invaluable.”

In addition, many think this is a good moment for the luxury market in South Florida that is now receiving workers from higher-tax and more expensive states when it comes to real estate.

But as much as Doral represents one of the most appealing real state markets in the country, in order to turn Trump’s concept into a reality, the project must be evaluated by the City of Doral during a period of three weeks and then go through public debates to establish how it would look like, since it may have a significant impact for the community and maybe involve road maintenance or other arrangements.

The Doral International Towers project is the second the Trump Organization is attempting to launch in recent times after Eric Trump announced last year his intention to apply for a gambling hub in the same resort.

Back then, it was revealed that the state government was open for discussion about this project although gambling continues to be a sensitive topic in the state, and the City of Doral voted unanimously in June last year to suspend casino gambling within the city.


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One thought on “Trump Plans to Apply for Luxury Homes Project in his Doral Golf Resort

  • When I first moved here I got lost one night and stopped in at his golf course hotel to ask for directions , it is beautiful .

    This was 2 years before he became President. .

    You have to feel for all those who bought their homes in that area years ago right outside the golf course thinking it would be a quite area , not much traffic with view of golf course or view of tree’s .

    There are also a few houses in areas of his golf course with amazing views , real quite , real expensive but that might now all change with 2,300 luxury homes as well as retail and commercial space .

    It is his property and if he can do it he would be crazy not to but feel for those in the area .

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