Ultra Music Festival in Miami was postponed due to Coronavirus

DORAL, FL – Ultra Music Festival in Miami, a three-day electronic music event, was postponed possibly for a full year due to coronavirus that so far has affected three people in the state. 

According to the Miami Herald and Billboard, the announcement was made by Miami Commissioner Manolo Reyes who confirmed the event will not take place from March 20-22, as originally planned.

The decision came after Miami’s elected leaders and Ultra representatives gathered in a meeting on Wednesday morning.

Now, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and Commissioner Joe Carollo are thinking about canceling Ultra Music Festival, as told to reporters on Wednesday, which will be confirmed this Friday morning when they will decide the festival’s future in Miami. 

Meanwhile, City Manager Art Noriega told reporters that they are working on a plan. “The devil’s in the details. I haven’t seen the actual draft of the agreement”, said Noriega to the Herald. 

City officials are inclined to the cancelation of the event taking into consideration that Ultra Music Festival is a massive electronic party that receives visitors from more than 100 countries, which will increase the chances of spreading the virus into Florida.

However, the details of the change in this event are yet to be announced since attorneys are sorting out the legal issues tied to the decision, which includes the length of the delay, as reported by the Miami Herald. 

But it is confirmed that Ultra would be postponed until next year, which would mark the first time in the festival’s 21-year history that Ultra will not produce an event in the Miami area.

But not only Ultra Miami has been affected by coronavirus. There are rumors circulating this morning that Calle 8 festival, which would take place Sunday March 15, could be postponed or canceled as well, although not final decision has been made.

One thought on “Ultra Music Festival in Miami was postponed due to Coronavirus

  • Going simply from what I see on the news , this might be ” much of nothing ” for under a certain age if healthy but lethal for older people .

    So why risk infecting parents , grandparents , older co-workers and this is why I feel the Music Festival did the correct thing and surprised that at least for now till there is a vaccine , this is no longer spreading other events haven’t also cancelled .

    This virus could easily be here already , why risk it ?

    Life has to go on as far as school , work , grocery shopping , etc but just for now these events where large crowds gather from all over the state and out of the state can be postponed .

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