U.S. hit record in coronavirus positives and cases in Florida continue to rise

DORAL, FL – U.S. hit new record in coronavirus positives with 71,671 new cases, and 856 COVID-19 related deaths on Thursday, October 23rd, while Florida reports a total of 771,780 cases and 16,340 deaths so far.

Just in one single day, the state had 3,689 new infections and in the last 24 hours it was revealed 64 new deaths occurred. 

WLRN reported that Thursday became the day with the most case count on a national level since July high peak according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. On Wednesday, around 63,000 new cases were reported.

With these new numbers, the death toll in the country reaches to more than 223,000 people since the pandemic started while the average daily case rate is notoriously increasing. Back in September, the daily rate was around 40,000 cases.

Also, the scenario places the U.S. as one of the leading countries in reporting most coronavirus case count. So far, more than 8.4 million cases have been registered, followed by India with 7.7 million and Brazil with 5.3 million, reported the media. 

Within this reality, Florida takes the fifth place in states with the most coronavirus positives in the past seven days as of Thursday afternoon. 

According to WLRN, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention informed that the state had 20,446 cases in the time span mentioned, followed by Tennessee with 15,323 and Ohio with 14,340. 

In this list, Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin and California take the first four places with 33,727, 28,161, 25,109, and 22,712 respectively. 

On a more optimistic note, Florida has a positive rate of 3.98% compared with the new cases registered the day before, which means the state has managed to stay under the 10 percent for 68 consecutive days, reported Univision 23. 

Regarding South Florida, Miami-Dade takes the lead with 181,017 coronavirus positives followed by Broward with 82,706 cases and Palm Beach with 49,988 as of the most recent report. In this one, it was also stated, 3,597 people have lost their lives due to the pandemic in Miami-Dade. 

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