A Heartwarming Event Uniting Medley and Doral


From the Desk of Councilwoman Karina Pacheco


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On July 8th, an exceptional event, the Seniors Day Between Cities, took place, forging a bond between the Town of Medley and City of Doral.

Under the leadership of Councilwoman Karina Pacheco from Medley and Councilwoman Maureen Porras from Doral, this event celebrated the invaluable contributions and well-being of our senior citizens. Their collaborative effort demonstrated the power of unity and exemplified what local leadership should strive to achieve.

The Seniors Day Between Cities event served as a testament to the respect and admiration that leaders hold for their elderly population. It recognized the immense wisdom, knowledge, and experiences that seniors bring to the table, reminding us of the importance of cherishing and valuing their presence in our lives.

With a multitude of engaging activities, the event successfully provided a platform for seniors to actively participate, engage, and share their insights with the broader community.

Councilwoman Pacheco and Councilwoman Porras demonstrated that when leaders come together with a shared purpose, the potential for impact multiplies potentially. Their commitment to serving their communities by organizing such an event is a model for all politicians to follow.

This event not only brought together the Town of Medley and the City of Doral but also highlighted the importance of unity, cooperation, and inclusivity. By fostering community engagement and empowering seniors, Pacheco and Porras have set a remarkable precedent for others to follow. It is our hope that our actions inspire further initiatives that prioritize the well-being and contributions of our seniors and create a better future for all.


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