A new disaster-preparedness tax holiday begins August 26th

DORAL, FL – A new disaster-preparedness tax holiday will begin this Saturday, Aug.26, and will extend until Sept. 8.

This is the second one the state has had this year ahead of what it was expected to be a very busy hurricane season. The first one was from May 27 to June 9, as the season started on June 1st. 

The second one comes as the National Hurricane Center on Thursday was monitoring a weather disturbance expected to move into the northwestern Caribbean this weekend and the eastern Gulf of Mexico next week.

Now, residents can purchase tax-free storm supplies to be fully ready in case a disaster hits. According to projections, these two periods could potentially help buyers save $143.8 million in sales taxes.

During the disaster-preparedness tax holiday, consumers can buy the following items tax free: 

Ice packs that cost $20 or less.

Batteries that cost $50 or less.

Non-electric food coolers that cost $60 or less.

Carbon monoxide detectors that cost $70 or less.

Tarpaulins that cost $100 or less.

Portable generators that cost $3,000 or less.

In addition, there are other tax holidays active currently. One of them is the “Freedom Summer”, which is a three-month holiday that grants sales-tax exemptions on recreation and outdoor items and entertainment events. The Freedom Summer holiday will end Sept. 4.

During this one, shoppers can buy children’s athletic equipment that costs $100 or less, kayaks that cost $500 or less and tickets to concerts and sporting events. 

Also, the seven-days “tool time” tax holiday is set to begin Sept. 2, just in time for Labor Weekend, to offer sales-tax exemptions on tools and work boots. 

Here are some items, buyers will be able to obtain tax-free during the holiday: 

Work gloves that cost $25 or less.

Hand tools and safety glasses that cost $50 or less.

Toolboxes that cost $75 or less.

Tool belts and hard hats that cost $100 or less.

Work boots that cost $175 or less.

Power tools that cost $300 or less.


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