Doral hosts workshop on relocation of Waste-to-Energy facility

DORAL, FL – Miami-Dade County and City of Doral representatives gathered Monday, Aug. 28, at Doral Government Center in a workshop to discuss relocation of Covanta’s Waste-to-Energy facility.

Miami-Dade County Mayor, Daniella Levine Cava, County Commissioner, Juan Carlos Bermudez, and City of Doral Mayor, Christi Fraga, led the discussion intended to explain the proposal on this matter recommended by the county that will be presented at the Board of County Commission meeting on September 6th.

Before a crowded audience, where other community leaders were also seen, Levine Cava gave details of why the site located at the intersection of Krome Avenue and US 27, commonly referred to as Opa-Locka West Airport, is the best place to move Covanta. 

“It will not disrupt residents’ quality of life, which I know it’s a big concern. The closest residential community is located several miles from the proposed site,” said the mayor about the integrated waste management plan supported by her administration. 

Her proposal is to develop a new solid waste campus that will include the recommended site, a 4,000 ton per day waste-to-energy facility; prepare a Zero Waste Master Plan with the long-term goal of achieving 90% or greater diversion from landfills and incinerators; and ensure the county meets statewide mandates around strategic short-term disposal and concurrency requirements. 

Levine Cava’s project includes a $36 increase in the annual fee for garbage collection that is needed to pay for the current recycling expense that is now slightly higher and also other costs associated with garbage removal.

During the workshop, it was mentioned the proposed plant would be similar to the one located at Palm Beach County, while residents were encouraged to contact the other 12 commissioners to recommend the site at the old Opa Locka Airport under the basis it would be beneficial not only for the district but for the entire county. 

Lastly, the public was able to make questions on the matter such as, for example, what would happen if the proposed site and another one in Medley, that will also be presented as a second choice, are not approved. “Would it head back right to Doral?,” a resident asked, taking into consideration that the third choice to be presented at the Board of Commissioners will be in front of the old Covanta’s plant.  

“All sites will require environmental approvals from state and federal governments, which could take up two years. Since we cannot afford to wait that long to then have nothing, we decided to present two other possible sites in an abundance of caution. However, is upon all of us to make the case to move it to Opa Locka West,” the mayor stated.

On Sept. 6, the County Commission will make a final decision on where to relocate the plant that is now at Doral.


One thought on “Doral hosts workshop on relocation of Waste-to-Energy facility

  • The earth at the Doral site is already destroyed . Keep it there . The people that live there have chosen to do so and are used to it or they would have moved away . You cannot move from site to site destroying every area the incinerator lands in . There are communities in Broward that will be directly affected by this site and you have given them no say . What about the Everglades . They are a sensitive ecosystem that cannot survive such toxins !!! There is a better way to deal with trash . Burning causes unknown pollutants that kill !!! Look globally , this is a short cut and will not serve this area at all !!!

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