Albert Childress Appointed Doral Interim City Manager.

Edward Rojas Resigned on January 22nd


By: María Alejandra Pulgar

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During a Special Council Meeting that took place on January 29th, Doral’s Assistant Manager Albert Childress was appointed to fill the City Manager position while a replacement for Edward Rojas is selected.

Rojas submitted a brief letter with his resignation to the position on January 22nd  and did not attend the meeting.

Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez expressed his gratitude to Rojas in an official statement, wishing him success in the future. “We thank him for his years of service to our community and wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.”

“My focus is now on selecting the best person to step in as City Manager that will share in our unified vision and commitment to continue elevating this great City. During this process, Doral will continue moving forward and working diligently on the several projects at hand to improve our residents’ quality of life.”

Separation agreement approved 4:1

The City Attorney presented a resolution with a separation agreement for Rojas that includes compensation of 20 weeks of salary, the maximum allowed by Florida Statute, for his years of service to the City, where he occupied several positions in Public Works before being nominated and appointed City Manager in 2014.

The resolution was approved 4:1 after a brief discussion. The City Attorney explained that Rojas’ original employment agreement did not include a severance package clause, hence the need to prepare this resolution upon his resignation.

Current Assistant City Manager Albert Childress, who is a longtime employee of the City, and has extensive knowledge and experience of the operation, accepted Mayor Bermudez’s nomination to act as Interim City Manager. He will lead the City while a definitive candidate is selected to the position. The Council unanimously approved the motion.

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