Alex Penelas presents his candidacy for Miami-Dade County Mayor 2020

DORAL, FL – Alex Penelas presents his candidacy for Miami-Dade County Mayor 2020 in a statement released by his campaign where the county’s former mayor (from 1996 to 2004)  explains the reasons behind his candidacy, and the attention focus that his campaign will have.

“My passion for public service has always been about improving people’s lives through a bold agenda that delivers impactful results,” says Penelas, an American of Cuban descent that started his political career in the mid 80’s while serving on the city council of Hialeah.

Alex Penelas wishes to pursue his plans of becoming a Miami-Dade County Mayor by using the experience acquired during his former period as a Mayor, where he had to be “innovative and unafraid” to face the challenges of the time, as well as his vision and integrity.

“Today, we face a new set of challenges and unfortunately some that have lingered because of inaction. I am running for Miami-Dade County Mayor (…) to solve our community’s issues focusing on mobility, affordability, resilience, and social equity,” explains Alex Penelas.

Regarding mobility, Penelas’s main concern, he will be focused on transit and mobility projects along several corridors.

“The half-penny sales tax passed by voters in 2002 will be spent as it was intended – to build out mass transit and rail throughout Miami-Dade,”.

But the challenges of climate change will also be approached by Penelas who wants to take the lead in confronting this threat with “strategy, technology, and the best science”.

And he also plans to move resources to make the County more affordable and fair for everyone.  “We will take advantage of all the County government’s resources and partner with the private sector to bring affordability to our housing market,”.

This include working towards closing the economical and social gap. “We will take on the inequities that exist throughout our community by creating policies that level the playing field in terms of access and opportunity for those that have been shut out so far, and safety for those who are bearing the brunt of gun violence,”.

Finally, the candidate stated he will be sharing more plans and ideas in the near future to address some of the county’s biggest challenges. “I will work to earn your trust through the substance of my policy proposals. I will work to earn your support for my vision and leadership”, states Alex Penelas.

To learn more and get updates on his campaign, people can visit his website:

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