Andrés Vivas, beyond the ordinary: “Allow Art To Reach The Hands Of Many”.


With its iconic designs worn by celebrities, Andrés Vivas has managed to penetrate the world of fashion, designing accessories for global brands such as Coach, Tumi and Calvin Klein.

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By: Edda Pujadas

“Allowing art to reach the hands of many” is the phrase that defines the artistic work of Andrés Vivas, Industrial Designer of highlighted experience that stands out for his incursions in the fashion market and accessories.

Andrés Vivas, Colombian of birth and Venezuelan at heart, since he grew up in that country, studied Industrial Design at the Institute of Design of Caracas, graduating in the 2007. He moved to the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia in the United States, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and a master’s in Accessory Design.

“As an industrial designer I was always intrigued by the process of “mass production” that allows art to reach many people, that, mixed with an interest in fashion was what brought me closer to the design of accessories. Art should not be limited to a few and designers should focus on bringing art to more people and allowing more people to have access to it. ”

One of the characteristics of his work is the diversity, then, when he began his career in Coach and Tumi in New York, he was designing, mainly, handbags for men but now he has given a turn to his profession, since he started in Calvin Klein designing portfolios for Ladies, handbags and accessories, which can be seen used by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Shawn Mendes and A $ AP Rocky in the latest Calvin Klein campaign “OUR NOW. #MYCALVINS “in advertisements and Instagram.

He was awarded with the 2017 International Design Awards in the category of accessories. The same year, he was a finalist for the Independent Handbag Designer Awards in New York, where he collaborated with FujiFilm in designing a travel bag for the FujiFilm Instax.

“I think, unlike the design of clothes, a bag does not need sizes, they fit everybody and it is designed with a function. It is a personal object that represents the style of the one who uses it and that allows us to be versatile in our creations and reach different tastes. ”

As a designer it creates different products, because it makes no sense to do more of the same. “Everything has to have a purpose and that is where the challenge is, because designing means to create, inspire and develop elements with which people connect.” Viva’s work is online on its website: and in Instagram:

Vivas is focused on working on innovation, dedicated to new projects, with the support of his current employer, Calvin Klein: “This company helps you diversify and grow as a designer… I would like to expand my designs in the future to the European market. ”

One of the first accessories designed by Andrés Vivas.
 Model: Larissa Mörschbächer. Photography: Chris Morris.








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