Are you planning a beach escapade at Miami-Dade County? Learn the rules first

DORAL, FL – Starting June 1, Miami-Dade County beaches will reopen to the public amid the coronavirus pandemic with a set of rules you should follow at all times.

These include wearing face masks to enter any beach at the county, including when you are in the restroom or at concession stands but no when you get into the water or maintain social distance, according to a preliminary guidelines shared Sunday afternoon. 

“Facial coverings must be worn when social distancing of six feet cannot be achieved, except for members of the same household and except when in the water,” according to Miami-Dade County guidelines as pointed out by the Miami Herald. 

Walking and jogging will be permitted but visitors are encouraged to use one-way or separate trails whenever it’s possible.

Sunbathing and renting beach concessions, such as lounge chairs and umbrellas, will also be allowed, although it won’t be allowed to gather with groups bigger than 10 people or to keep a distance of less than six feet between visitors not in the same household. 

On the other hand, common areas like picnic tables and playgrounds will stay off limits and the use of restrooms will be limited to maintain social distancing.

Group activities like playing volleyball or Frisbee won’t be permitted as well as fishing or organizing special events, but visitors can swim, surf, do kayaking and paddleboarding. 

According to the guidelines explained by the Miami Herald, every beach will count with signs posted highlighting the behaviors that are permitted along with the ones that aren’t. Consequences for non-adherence to the rules will also be stablished. 

Those who fail to follow restrictions, could be removed from the beach, which is why the County recommends Police watch and “beach ambassadors” that will make sure people abide to the rules.

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