What is the best way to Reopen Miami-Dade County Public Schools? Join the conversation

DORAL, FL – Miami-Dade County Public Schools has extended the deadline to answer an online survey regarding the reopening of all public schools for the 2020-2021 year.

Parents and guardians have until May 27 to share their opinions and thoughts about their ideal back to school plan amid the coronavirus pandemic that until now has not ceased even though the county officially started its phase 1 reopening on May 18, including the City of Doral

By answering the online survey, that has 19 questions, you can help the county prepare for the upcoming school year considering the most common needs and expectations.

There are several possible models for the schools reopening that are currently under evaluation and your feedback is crucial to define the best one.

“I have one guarantee for you. Come August of 2020, there will be schooling in Miami-Dade. Exactly how, that’s exactly what we’re working on…The wellbeing, the safety, and the health of our children and our employees will continue to be our highest priority,” said Superintendent Alberto Carvalho about the topic at a news conference held on Thursday.

Carvalho also stated during his intervention that approximately by the end of June there will be an announcement to the community with the plan for the reopening of schools, although there’s still uncertainty about whether or not summer camps will be offered to the public. 

The questions provided in the survey include topics such as classroom size, days of attendance versus distance learning, temperature checks, school transportation, instructional time, social distancing in the classroom, physical education, health and safety measures and extracurricular activities, among other variables that will impact the experience of going back to school in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. 

The survey can be accessed in English, Spanish or Haitian-Creole on the M-DCPS Parent page at dadeschools.net/parents, through your children’s school or by clicking on the links below:

English: https://surveygoldcloud.com/s/1C3DAC8C818E4D78/28.htm

Spanish: https://surveygoldcloud.com/s/1C3DAC8C818E4D78/31.htm

Haitian-Creole: https://surveygoldcloud.com/s/1C3DAC8C818E4D78/29.htm

Parents and guardians must have their children’s ID numbers in hand while filling out the survey. 

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