Back to School Groove


by Lucy Gonzalez


Beep! Beep! Beep!

What is that frightening sound in the back of my head? Could it be the sirens from last night’s Sci-Fi show? Or, maybe it’s just my oven’s timer alerting me that the cookies are done.

Nope – unfortunately, it’s not the cookies and those aren’t sirens. It’s my alarm clock waking me with an alarming shriek. It is set for the crack of dawn to get me up and ready for school! Although waking up early isn’t the most pleasant part about starting school, truthfully, getting back into the school routine is definitely exciting!

The school year has begun and everyone is back in person. No more online classes and more importantly, things are getting back to normal again.

After being online most of the school year (though some of us were virtual year-round,) coming back to school brings a mix of emotions. Meeting new teachers, getting new classes and renewed chances to reconnect and establish relationships with peers is very exciting.

As a junior this year, I’m definitely looking forward to what this year has to offer. I look forward to school trips and dances, club socials, sports games, and unique opportunities to try new things. This year is especially important because we are supposed to start getting ready for our future, like getting into college and preparing for new chapters in our lives. With the school year starting, we are able to continue prepping for these key decisions and applications. Can the SAT’s and EOC/AP exams be stressful and make it challenging to have fun throughout the year? It might seem like that sometimes, but it’s all about the way you take on these challenges. Instead of succumbing to your obstacles, let’s rise up to the challenge and give it our all!

I am certain once we all get into the groove of school and the year-round routine, everything will feel fun and filled with many possibilities!



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