Biden administration most likely not to reach July 4 vaccination goal

DORAL, FL – Biden administration won’t probably reach the July 4 goal of getting all 70% of adult Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 with at least one dose. 

Nevertheless, this same goal has been fulfilled already by Americans ages 30 and older with hopes of getting 70% of Americans ages 27 and older to get vaccinated by the Fourth of July weekend. 

“This is cause of celebration, and that is exactly what Americans will be able to do on July 4th, celebrate independence from the virus,” Jeff Zients, the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, said Tuesday.

He also mentioned the numbers mean “amazing progress” although it was clear in admitting it will take a few more weeks to reach the target of having 70% of all adults vaccinated. 

But sixteen states and the District of Columbia have already succeed in this which proves Biden administration is on good track. Up until now, though, four states are at less than 50% of all adults vaccinated. In summary, 34 states have not met the target of 70% of adults vaccinated.

About this, Dr. Anthony Fauci said the final goal for Biden administration is to go beyond the 70%. “As Jeff has said, our aspirational goal for July 4th was 70% of the adult population receiving at least one dose. But that is not the goal line, nor is it the end game. The end game is to go well beyond that, beyond July 4, into the summer and beyond, with the ultimate goal of crushing the outbreak completely in the United States,” Fauci said during a Tuesday’s briefing.

More than 175 million Americans have received at least one shot, and more than 150 million Americans are fully vaccinated. 

The CDC has shown through a study that vaccinations are slowing down mainly because young Americans are less inclined to get vaccinated than the elders. 

By May 22, 2021, 57% of adults had received at least one vaccine dose, according to the study. But coverage was highest among folks 65 and older (80%) while it was lowest among Americans 18-29 years old (38.3%).

Nearly 25% of the latter age group reported that they probably or definitely would not get vaccinated, while 23% were unsure. Their biggest questions: concerns about vaccine safety and effectiveness, a second study said.



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