Carlos Pereira – Candidate for Doral City Council, Seat 1


Campaign website:


Current Employment: Capa Unlimited

Political Experience:

I have worked for the Florida Democratic Party and the Progressive Turnout Project.


What is the most pressing issue facing the city and how would you propose handling it?

Traffic congestion and the Miami-Dade County trash center are two of the issues that are affecting the quality of life of the residents of Doral. As your councilman, I will work with local, county, and state stakeholders to remediate these quality of life issues.


How will you handle population growth in our city, especially with the recent arrival of illegal immigrants?

Population growth is and will always be a net positive for our city. And as your councilman, that will be my Northstar.


Do you think the city should increase its police force?

I will determine the increase or decrease of departments within the city based on need. Arbitrary answers do not serve the citizens of our city.


A personal message to voters:

As your councilman, you will get a leader that will work to improve your lives. My decade plus years of advocacy in Doral has given me the perspective and the experience to be an effective leader. I humbly ask for your vote on November 8, 2022.



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