Francisco “Frank” Gamez – Candidate for Doral City Council, Seat 1


Campaign website:


Current Employment: Global Sales Executive at Romero Britto Studios & Small Business Owner/Founder at Be Prepared Emergency Training.


Political Experience: 

  • Chair of the City of Doral Environmental Advisory Board, providing advice & recommendations to the City Council.
  • Doral Mayor’s Citizens Academy.
  • Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics & Public Trust.
  • Political Science & Government at Florida International University


What is the most pressing issue facing the city and how would you propose handling it?
Low voter participation. We aim to inspire Doral voters to participate in local government and to address residents’ concerns. Our neighbors want to continue Doral’s progress while maintaining our high quality of life, through controlled growth. We will find budget alternatives to ensure property taxes are not raised. Closely supervise the Parks Bond projects – approved by a majority of voters last election – to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery. Expand program opportunities for seniors and students. Revitalize the permitting process, guaranteeing timely responses to new/expanding businesses, and home improvement projects. And propose a Home Owners Association oversight committee to receive resident’s complaints, among other plans.

How will you handle population growth in our city, especially with the recent arrival of illegal immigrants?

We learned from our past and will not be considering any new high-density residential or large-scale industrial developments, which are proposed outside of designated city zoning districts. Traffic impact studies should be required with new developments. Illegal immigration is not a topic that a city council can address. However, I believe that every problem has a solution and promise to have an open-door policy to all Doral residents to listen to their concerns. When a topic is brought to our attention that is not normally handled by the city, we will communicate on our residents’ behalf to the authorities that handle those concerns until a solution is found.

Do you think the city should increase its police force?

Safety is our priority. As Doral continues to grow, we believe that our police force should grow along with our city. We must ensure our officers have all the equipment and tools they need to serve and protect our community. By having enough officers, we ensure our police are not understaffed and deter any criminals from even considering Doral a target. Through community policing efforts we can prevent crime before it happens by educating the public. By offering competitive salary and benefits, we can maintain the quality of service our officers provide to our residents, our schools, and our property.

A personal message to voters:

I am the first candidate raised in Doral to be on the ballot, an accomplishment for which I give thanks to my family, teachers, mentors, and Doral community. I attended Doral schools from elementary to high school and my first job was at Doral Parks & Recreation, proudly serving my neighbors. I am an Eagle Scout and devoted member of Our Lady of Guadalupe Doral. With proven experience and a record of service, I will bring a new perspective to the city council. We will bring the proposals and ideas shared by neighbors to our local government where I pledge to represent all the residents of Doral. Contact me at


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