Challenge Yourself!


By Lhasa Posada


        Daydreaming about the future and planning it can be very exciting. For many of us, college pops into our heads, and we start to think about the steps we’ll take to get there. A lot of us know that the courses we take throughout our high school years can be a very significant piece in the admissions process puzzle. How willing are you to go a step further into your studies? Would you like to know more about your academic potential? How much do you really want to challenge yourself? The answers to these questions can be revealed through your course history, as it is very telling of your ambition.

        However, in order to really excel in those classes, your personal study tips and techniques must be consistently implemented into your academic routine. Effective studying must never take place in a disorganized space. Make sure you’ve given yourself enough time to do your best on an assignment, and even more time to focus on difficult projects and tests. Use resources that have been provided and try out different forms of studying to see which fits you best. Keep track of your due dates by writing them down. Last but not least, take regular breaks to refresh and charge your brain. Don’t burn yourself out!

        To demonstrate that you are pursuing your advanced academic interests through your classes is an extremely important way to enhance your academic record. So, it is important that you take action now!


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