City of Doral, always ready to provide food support during trying times

DORAL, FL – What the recent times have taught most of us is that things can always change, sometimes for the better, others, for the worse. If you’re stepping on the “worse” portion of this dynamic and trying to make ends meet, it’s always good to know that at least your nutritional needs, and that of your family, are covered. 

This is precisely what City of Doral has set to do during the coronavirus pandemic with their Individual and Family Food Support Program that continues to assist seniors, children and families in need by putting food on their tables. 

It’s especially important for seniors, who are the most vulnerable to COVID-19, to keep their immune systems strong with enough nutritious food. From the signing of the First Emergency Order, the City has been working through the Doral Police Department’s Emergency Resource Unit to provide food to seniors from their Silver Club Program when needed and requested.

But City of Doral is aware that children are also in need of complete and nourishing food. They go to school, engage in physical and extracurricular activities and are growing, which is why their food support system extends to them as well and, of course, their parents and guardians. 

So if you are a Doral Resident in need of food assistance and are elderly, pregnant, immunocompromised, have been told by a physician to stay home, have suffered a loss of income, or is facing any other challenges caused by COVID-19, you may be eligible for home delivery of food.

“Our hearts go out to everyone in our community facing challenges during this time,” reads a press release shared by City of Doral from where residents are encouraged to request food assistance by submitting a form through the City’s 311 online system at

Simply click tab titled “COVID-19 Food Support Request” and the city will provide you with information so that you may receive a onetime food delivery.

After receiving your request, you’ll be contacted by the City of Doral to learn your personal situation. In times of hardship, everyone should take advantage of these initiatives that aim at making sure all residents get a proper nutrition in order to be protected against all the diseases that are now threatening our lives.

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