City of Doral is Awarded a 2023 GREEN Street Tree Miami Grant

DORAL, FL – A 2023 GREEN Street Tree Miami Grant was awarded to City of Doral by Neat Streets Miami-Dade County. The project is part of the 2023 Neat Street Miami Growing Roots for Environmental Equitable Neighborhoods (GREEN) Grant Program.

Through the GREEN Street Tree Miami Grant, the City of Doral planted 40 trees at two locations of four different species (Dahoon Holly, Live Oak, Green Buttonwood, and Spanish Stopper) with the purpose of providing shade and beautify the community. They were planted along NW 30th Street between NW 112th Avenue and NW 108th Avenue and at NW 26th Street between NW 89th Avenue and NW 87th Court.

According to a press release, the City of Doral is aware of the “importance and value of a good tree canopy and is proactively addressing any deficiencies in the canopy that may exist with the help of Miami-Dade County and American Forest”. These institutions are helping Doral by identifying the need for more trees through their annual Miami-Dade County Urban Tree Canopy Assessment.

Through public and private partnerships, Doral continues to increase tree planting City-wide. The planting of these trees’ benefits residents and visitors, by improving community pride, increasing property values as well as the urban tree canopy, decreasing heat urban islands, which saves money as it reduces road maintenance costs, and beautifying a bare median.

In addition, these programs establish a framework enhancing the management of planting and tree care, educating about the importance of sustainable tree management and engaging organizations in advancing urban development forestry.

About Neat Streets Miami and Million Trees Miami

Launched by Neat Streets Miami, the Million Trees Miami Campaign is a community-wide effort to plant one million trees by 2025 in order to achieve a 30 percent tree canopy cover for Miami-Dade County.


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