Conflict when deciding: Public, Magnet, or Charter School.

By Dominique Barba.  

Like we have repeatedly stated, education is a right. It is a duty of parents to choose which is the best option for their kids, they must choose between the multiple options offered by the school board. Keeping in mind that none of these schools qualify as private, we take the time to paint the panorama with additional information with the goal of helping you in your decision.

Traditional Public School: Administered 100% by the government through the school district. Aside from basic programs, public schools offer (varying by school) special programs such as AP, Honors, IB, Cambridge, etc. Each school has a predetermined radius of locations that determine automatic acceptance once all pre requisites are completed. (With the exception of over populated schools).

 Magnet School: Far from traditional schools created to offer a curriculum tailor made for the each child’s individual interests, be it arts, sciences, technology, languages, etc. The goal is to attract students from different areas to obtain diversity and seek an integral education in a specific topic. It is vital for students to know their attributes and interests when choosing. Admission into one of these schools consists of meeting several pre requisites including academics, experience, portfolio, etc. It is only mandatory to live within the school district, not the school. Selection is done by lottery.

Charter Schools: Administration is shared between the government and a private firm. The differences in requisites in respect with the public system are explained in chart 1. Location is not a requisite for these schools; they have the right to choose their students, whether by lottery or specific selection. They comply with the public school regulations but not 100% as they have their own set of rules. They generally do not have special needs educations on their staff and are not forced to accept any given student.

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