Doral Business Council Executive Director meets with the DBC Education Committee.

By Dominique Barba.

Arlene Martinez

The Doral Business Council (DBC) is the leading advocate for economic development and business promotion for the Doral area. The advantages of the DBC are its strategic alliances and key relationships with business and community leaders. The DBC has many committees; however the Education Committee will take an important role in the DBC’s quest to grow a competitive workforce. The Education Committee meets monthly at the facilities of Miami Dade College West Campus.  The committee is led by Ms. Arlene Martinez, Director – the Office of Community Engagement, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, and the composition of the committee includes business/community leaders, local public schools, and several post-secondary institutions.  On Wednesday, November 29th, the special guest was Mr. Dana Fernety, Doral Business Council’s Executive Director. Mr. Fernety, two months into his newly appointed position has made good progress within the business community and now his interest is to engage the DBC members and community to grow the future workforce; and proposes entrepreneurship trainings and enhancements to the DBC Institute course offerings at Miami Dade College West Campus.

Mr. Fernety’s presentation to the Education Committee was accurate and to the point; he explained the existence of a strong competitive global market and the need to support the members to meet today’s challenges.  Emerging markets are growing rapidly and only innovative companies with properly trained staff will be able to succeed.  According to Mr. Fernety, the members of the DBC are seeking opportunities to get more exposure to entrepreneurship trainings, to build-up their skills and those of their employees.  They are looking for the key ingredients to keep their business successful and rise professionally to a higher level.  Therefore, because of the need to have a well-educated workforce, under Mr. Fernety’s leadership, he will expand the course offerings of the DBC Institute currently offered at Miami Dade College West Campus.  This will provide an opportunity for adult professionals to increase their competitive edge. Mr. Fernety has also reached out to Florida International University in order to provide new business courses and programs to the members. Regarding the development of the workforce, Mr. Fernety said, “I believe that workforce development begins in the schools.  We need to provide additional support and knowledge to the students; on what business is, what it means, how it works; this will stir the students’ curiosity and inspire entrepreneurship.” Entrepreneurship has two aspects: creating internship opportunities and having interns being part of the regular business side, in others words, the mission is to educate students to become effective interns but also educating businesses of how to utilize interns.” Ms. Arlene Martinez emphasized the importance of continuing developing the relationships between the businesses and the schools.

All public schools in Doral have been part of the organization since its foundation. The plan of action should include all schools from elementary through post-secondary, supporting programs like Kids and the Power of Work (KAPOW), entrepreneurship training, leadership presentations, mentoring, professional development for students and faculty, career day, internship opportunities, etc. There are many opportunities under Mr. Fernety’ s leadership, and the members of the Education Committee remain committed and encouraged to play a vital role in the growth of workforce development in the community. The DBC on the other side; is committed to providing opportunities to all its members, from the youngest students to the mature adult, with the sole purpose of creating a society educated and well prepared.  To learn more about the Doral Business Council or the DBC Education Committee please call 305 470-9597 .







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