Councilwoman Christi Fraga announces the “Christi Fraga Youth Leadership Award”.

Christi Fraga 

On Friday, September 6, 2013 Councilwoman Christi Fraga will launch the search for the first recipient of the “Christi Fraga Youth Leadership Award” a recognition given once a quarter, to young individuals doing extraordinary things in the community.  The goal is to award as many active youth as possible from our community. 

City of Doral Councilwoman Christi Fraga & a community Business Sponsor are seeking to honor youth from the Doral Community who have made a substantial contribution to the improvement of the quality of life in our neighborhoods or who have served as a positive role model for others.

“We would like to recognize and award as many active youth as possible from our community” said Fraga.

Some may perform community service as a group, while others may have made outstanding individual contributions. In making your nomination, please think carefully if your nominee should be recognized:

a.            For his or her individual work because the community service was unique, outstanding and done either outside of a group, or

b.            Individually because the community service performed, while the individual was part of a group, surpassed the service of others in the group in ways that you can detail and clearly express in your nomination.


•            Nominees must be between the ages of 15 to 23;

•            They must reside, attend school or be involved in some community-based program in the Doral, Florida;

•            They must receive no stipends for their acts; and

•            They must have performed their community service with-in the last 12 Months.

•            Contributions have included, but are not limited to,  tutoring,  participating  in community-­?based projects,  assisting  the needy, or triumphing  over a personal challenge.           



•            Complete  the  Nomination Form found on           


One thought on “Councilwoman Christi Fraga announces the “Christi Fraga Youth Leadership Award”.

  • She named a community service award after herself???? When The Mayor finds out he’s going to start awarding the ‘Luigi Boria Key to the City’

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