Councilwoman Fraga hosted a meeting of FIU students.


Students enthusiastically presented their questions and were able to learn more about the City with a tour and presentation of the Downtown Doral development project offices.

On November 7th 2014, City of Doral Councilwoman Christi Fraga hosted a meeting at Government Center with students from Florida International University (FIU), where she conveyed important lessons about municipal government, the development of the city of Doral, and some of the goals, experiences, and challenges that are involved in choosing to become both a serial entrepreneur and a public servant. The FIU Alumni Association co-sponsored the event that included students from various academic disciplines, some of which reside in Doral. The event also offered an excellent opportunity for the Councilwoman to inspire students to seek their career aspirations within our City, by explaining both the present and long-term opportunities available within the Doral community, and how their professional, as well as personal contributions, could go a long way into making the future of Doral all that much prosperous.

Councilwoman Fraga began the event with a brief introduction. She then asked the students to give a short statement about their interests, career or otherwise, and to relate why they had signed-up to participate in the event. Most importantly, the Councilwoman wanted to know what the students were looking to take away from their visit. Councilwoman Fraga then shared how the educational experiences she had at FIU while obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Finance, had not only equipped her with the tools she needed to start her businesses, but had also inspired her to serve the public. Not only had her time at FIU played an important role in her decision to run for public office, but her many years growing-up in Doral, the love she had developed for its people, and the many challenges that growth had posed for its residents, had also inspired her to believe that she could make a difference within her community. She then took the time to discuss the student’s career aspirations, inquired about their dream jobs, and how Doral could be not only an ideal work location, but also a place to raise a family, and contribute to the life and future of what has already become an innovative and thriving community.

After the initial presentation, students participated in a tour that took them and the Councilwoman to the Downtown Doral development offices. At that facility, Armando and Ana Codina offered students a presentation of their vision for the development of our City’s 120-acre downtown area. Students not only saw a miniature model of the area, but previewed a promotional video of the residences, office, and retail spaces planned for the area, all based on the vision that Downtown Doral will be the place where people will not only live, work, play, but also one where they will continue to learn. Students then returned to Government Center, where they toured the building and received a warm welcome from the City’s administrators and employees.

As the event wrapped-up, students asked questions about municipal government, future development, and career opportunities within the City of Doral. Students discussed how thankful they were for the time they had shared with Councilwoman Fraga, the educational benefits that they had received from the experience, and how they were inspired to settle, work, and raise families within the City of Doral. Councilwoman Fraga stated:

“I hope each of you took something valuable with you. I know I gained irreplaceable knowledge from each of you. I hope to schedule more of these educational events within our City. I think these types of events promote education, attract future professionals, and it is my hope that by sponsoring them I will be able to inspire some aspiring future leaders to become involved and serve this community as I have chosen to do. All of it makes for a better tomorrow in Doral, and that is all that I am hoping to accomplish for our City.”

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