Doral Family Journal receives the Key to the City of Doral for its outstanding contribution to the community.

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In an emotional ceremony, the city of Doral honored Doral Family Journal by granting them the key to the city.

Mayor Christi Fraga, along with Councilmembers Maureen Porras, Rafael Pineyro, and Digna Cabral, praised the directors of the media outlet, Ettore Sabatella, and Sandra Figueiredo, recognizing their exceptional work and dedication over more than 14 years of service.

The mayor highlighted that, beyond keeping the city informed, they have strengthened family ties and emphasized fundamental values in the community. “Doral Family Journal is not just a means of communication but a cornerstone in building a united community.”

The presentation of the keys to the city symbolizes recognition for their dedication and the way they have elevated the name of Doral, emphasizing the importance of family unity in each of their articles and at every event they organize to support city residents and the student community.

This gesture celebrates not only journalistic work but also the ability of Doral Family Journal and its team to influence the identity and cohesion of the community positively.

In 2009, Doral Family Journal positioned itself as the first online newspaper in the city of Doral, later becoming a printed newspaper that challenged many norms but never lost its focus: to inform and connect with the community in a special way.

“Receiving these keys further solidifies our commitment to Doral and its community,” exclaimed Sabatella.

During the event, the Doral Council also recognized several clients of Doral Family Journal, mostly healthcare providers, for contributing to different community events, especially towards seniors.

Congratulations to all the honorees!


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