Doral Noise Ordinance: Keeping our City Peaceful.


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By Grecia Romero.

Doral is a young city which is changing and growing very fast and as changes take place, law enforcement will be confronted with many issues. One of those has to do with quality of life of residents by keeping noises of a bigger city in an acceptable level. Something that initially can be viewed as a minor complaint but can have serious effects on the residents of a community. Because of that, this edition will review the City of Doral Noise Ordinance.

According to the City of Doral’s noise ordinance, it is “unlawful for any person to make, continue, or cause any unreasonably loud, excessive, unnecessary or unusual noise”.  The ordinance addresses various types of noise-related disturbances upon public and private property. They can range from animals and birds which cause frequent, habitual, or long continued noise, to noise originating from radios, televisions, horns and whistles among others.

From a residential point of view, the most common noises complains comes from loud music and domestic noises as it is explained by Officer Noel Feliciano “The majority of the calls we receive are related to late night parties, or animals outside the homes making noise for extended hours. Fortunately, we’ve had the cooperation of the residents in compliance with the noise ordinance. This is an education process which will hopefully prevent this situation from becoming a serious problem.”

We are all proud to live in a multicultural City which welcomes new residents from many places around the globe every week. However, it is a fact that not all countries of origin of Doral new residents share the same rules and regulation than Florida regarding acceptable level of noises. As it is added by Officer Feliciano “It is important for all city residents to have knowledge of the Noise Ordinance and get to know the kind of devices, or times of machinery use considered appropriate in this City.”

It is also important to know that Associations in residential communities usually have their own Code Compliances regulating the level of noise which it is recommended to review, in order to avoid any action or penalties for violations. It is always a good practice to coordinate with the association and neighbors if a special celebration or activity will be performed that may cause any unusual noise. Respect for others is key in this kind of situations.

Any citizen has the right to report noise that could interfere with peace and tranquility of a community. She or he can decide whether to make an anonymous call and not be identified, in order to avoid conflict with the neighbors or they can provide their information and if they want to know of the results; just advise the police when reporting the problem.

The easiest way to report a noise complaint to the City is through the Code Compliance Department main number at 305-593-6680, via email at or the Doral 311 online system, located on the City’s website. To report any noise-related complaints after normal business hours, call the police at (305) 4-POLICE or (305) 476-5423.

A full version of the Doral Noise Ordinance can be found at

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Ordenanza Sobre Ruidos

Manteniendo la Tranquilidad en Doral


Doral es una ciudad joven, cambiante y de rápido crecimiento. Esto presenta un desafío para las autoridades y los nuevos problemas que enfrenten. Uno de ellos tiene que ver con la calidad de vida de los residentes debido a los ruidos y el esfuerzo por mantenerlos en un nivel aceptable. Algo que puede verse como una queja menor, pudiera causar efectos graves en los residentes de una comunidad, por ello esta edición comenta sobre la Ordenanza de Ruido de la Ciudad de Doral.

De acuerdo con esta Ordenanza, es “ilegal que cualquier persona origine, continúe, o cause cualquier ruido irrazonablemente alto, excesivo, innecesario o inusual” que perturbe la paz de los demás. La ordenanza lista diversos tipos de perturbaciones relacionadas con el ruido en propiedades públicas o privadas que pueden incluir desde animales domésticos y aves, así como ruidos procedentes de radios, televisores, bocinas y silbatos, entre otros.

Desde el punto de vista residencial, la causa de queja más común proviene de música a un alto volumen y ruidos domésticos, como explica el oficial Noel Feliciano: “La mayoría de las llamadas que recibimos están relacionadas con fiestas nocturnas o ruido por animales por periodos prolongados. Afortunadamente, hemos tenido la colaboración de los residentes en el cumplimiento de la Ordenanza. Este es un proceso de educación que esperamos contribuya con que estas situaciones no se conviertan en un problema serio”.

Todos estamos orgullosos de vivir en una ciudad multicultural que acoge nuevos residentes de distintos lugares del mundo cada semana. Sin embargo, es un hecho que no todos los países de origen de los nuevos residentes comparten las mismas reglas de la Florida con respecto a un nivel aceptable de ruidos. Como agrega el oficial Feliciano: “Es importante que todos los residentes revisen la Ordenanza de Ruido y conozcan el tipo de dispositivos, maquinarias y horarios que se consideran apropiados en esta ciudad”.

También es importante que los habitantes sepan que las asociaciones residenciales por lo general tienen sus propios códigos de cumplimiento que regulan el nivel de ruido y por tanto, se recomienda conocerlos a fin de evitar cualquier acción o sanción por incumplimiento. Es buena práctica coordinar con dichas asociaciones y vecinos si se llevan a cabo celebraciones especiales que puedan causar algún ruido inusual teniendo en cuenta que el respeto por los demás es la clave en esta materia.

Cualquier ciudadano tiene derecho a denunciar el ruido que pueda interferir con la paz y la tranquilidad de su comunidad. Puede hacer una llamada anónima si desea evitar conflictos con los vecinos o proporcionar su información si le interesa conocer los resultados de su queja.

La forma más fácil de reportar ruidos en la ciudad es a través del Departamento de Cumplimiento de Códigos llamando al 305-593-6680, por correo electrónico a o el sistema en línea Doral 311. Para reportes después de horas de oficina, llame al (305) 4-POLICÍA o (305) 476-5423.

Una versión completa de la Ordenanza de Ruido se puede encontrar en

3 thoughts on “Doral Noise Ordinance: Keeping our City Peaceful.

  • Please the airplanes noise now is abusive in the Doral area, an airplane passing every 2 minutes, we have a lot of citizen worried about this, also affecting local business, hotels, parks, schools , We need your help as soon as possible .

  • The community I live in is quite as so far the new people moving in are respectful people but more and more moving in some communities are far from considerate and leave a lot to be desired .

    They OFTEN see police trying to reason with them as weakness .

    I subscribe to one warning and record made of that warning , after that crippling fine and even arrest .

    Btw , I moved here bit over 6 years ago so not implying those who now move here like I did are the problem but let us be honest as far as most of the noise problems are NOT coming from those who have lived here 10 years plus and just repeating what a real estate broker told me thus just his opinion but I agree.

    I like music and listening to it now but not an inconsiderate disrespectful pile of trash thus I listen to it so no one else hears it as have no need to impose it on others .

    Doral has more and more moving in daily and in every group you have trash .

    As someone who works at night and often gets gas at off am hours after work the biggest problem I have noticed are drunk drivers who leave parties in these gated communities .

  • 74th street connects palmetto and turnpike, the ultra loud trucks start passing by at 4am, the competition aficionado car racers with exotic_open exhaust cars race usually Thursdays BTW 11am and 2am, it makes the communities around it rest and live or even have a conversation in your backyard. Also the black heavy an poluted dust from smog, brakes and tires leaves a black layer of dirt in our backyards. No large trucks should be allowed crossing 74th Street, cause is a residential area.

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