Doral Police Department warns of new phone scam practice

DORAL, FL – Florida is no stranger to phone scams especially during holidays and breaks such as the summer. Unfortunately, our community’s residents have also being targeted by criminals, which is why the Doral Police Department is warning of a new threat.

According to a news release, the department has become aware of a phone scam in which the offender(s) use the Doral Police Department main line phone number, 305-593-6699, to contact their victims and falsely advise that they are part of an ongoing investigation and need to cooperate in order to avoid criminal charges.

The victim is then instructed to purchase Visa gift cards that will later be collected by a fake officer. Once the gift cards are purchased the subject will ask for the gift card numbers over the phone. This is a common phishing SCAM operating from outside of the United States.

The report clarifies that the department would never proceed in such a way under any circumstance. “Please note that the PD has NEVER and will NEVER ask for your financial information or sensitive data over the phone nor persuade you to purchase anything on behalf of the department.”

If anyone has any information or questions about this scam please contact the Doral Police Department General Investigations Unit, Sgt. N. Mercado at 305-593-6699 X 2112.


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