Doral Will Have A New Shopping And Industrial Center Along Nw 79th Avenue


The name of this project is “District 79”, and its goal is to bring commercial and economic benefits to our city in the 23.7 acres parcel that it will occupy.


By: Edda Pujadas

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Doral will have a new shopping and industrial center, “District 79”, as it will be called. This new development was unanimously approved by the City of Doral Council after taking into consideration that it will bring benefits for the health, safety, economy, and well-being of our residents and visitors.

We were informed of this by Maggie Santos, Communications and Protocol Manager for the City of Doral. She explained that this parcel is 23.7 acres and it is located along NW 41st street, between NW 79th Avenue and the Palmetto Expressway. This parcel will now be used for the construction of commercial and industrial spaces.

“From these 23.7 acres, approximately 50,936 square feet will be used to build a large and aesthetic commercial area, an estimated 405,639 square feet will be destined to industrial use,” stated Santos. She also added that an important percentage of the construction will have open spaces, which will be decorated with gardens and green areas, giving the natural resources a good use.

“District 79” will provide good access, connectivity, and safe access; pedestrian crossings, traffic stops, sidewalks and squares.  It will also display areas for public seating, decorative designs in the pavement and it will include pedestrian walkways in several areas in order to promote a welcoming environment.

The company that applied to develop this new project in the City of Doral is 7777 Investments, LLC. Terra and Terranova 7777 Investment developers paid around 40 million dollars for the parcel more than a year ago.

Terra is an active developer in Doral. Some of their projects include Doral Commons, an open commercial area that opened recently around NW 74th street and NW 107th Avenue; Modern at Doral is another one of their developments, a single-family home community that is characterized by it modern design.

Currently, the parcel in question is home to the regional headquarters and distribution center of PepsiCo and even when some time ago this was one of the sites considered by David Beckham and his group of investors as a site to build his football stadium, however, this idea was later dismissed.


Before the “District 79” project was approved by the City of Doral Council, it was reviewed and recommended for its approval by the Planning and Zoning Department. This department is responsible for the planning of the current and future developments of our city which guarantees that the development of the residential and commercial neighborhoods in our city are safe and of high quality.

One of the fundamental aspects of the project and that was taken into consideration by the Planning and Zoning Department while analyzing it was that it was coherent with the standard contained in Section 53-184 ( c ) (3) of the Land Development Code of the City of Doral.

“It was determined that “District 79” was consistent with the City of Doral Comprehensive Plan and with the industrial categories within the city. Taken also into consideration was the balance that it provides to the mixed-use between commercial and industrial spaces and in agreement with the density of the area.” states Santos.

Another of the considerations that was taken into account for the approval of this project is that it promotes a better design of this area. Santos commented that this plan comprises 15.89% of open spaces, these will be integrated by areas with gardens, green areas, walkways, and even a rainwater collection system. “All of these components will make of this space a much nicer place than what it is now.”

This project also allows for its efficient integration to the area. The connectivity plans of “District 79” will allow for better traffic flow and they will develop walkways, squares, and sidewalks that will promote an urban style and this will bring life to the intersection of NW 79th Avenue and NW 41st street.

Maggie Santos commented that “District 79” will complement the industrial district of the City of Doral and will stimulate the residential growth of the community because it will create new economic and commercial opportunities along NW 79th Avenue due to the fact that it will bring several stores, restaurants, and businesses to the city.

The design of “District 79” also ensures the harmonious relationship between buildings, neighborhoods and adjacent uses. It also takes into consideration the decorative aspects of the sidewalks, pedestrian walkways, outdoor areas and seats for the restaurants. This aesthetic planning will work in benefit of the health, safety, and well-being of the residents of Doral and its visitors.

After analyzing all of the above, it is expected that the approval of this project will contribute to the economic and commercial development of Doral by giving a more productive use to the existing land.

Doral Will Have A New Shopping And Industrial Center Along Nw 79th Avenue




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