Doral Will Have A Space For Art And Culture

Doral Cultural Arts Center

It is expected that the construction of this center, dedicated to cultural and artistic development, will begin at the end of October.


By: Edda Pujadas


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DORAL, FL –  Each year, the City of Doral offers a wide variety of events and programs, both artistic and cultural, and soon they will have their own space, the Doral Cultural Arts Center.

This was announced by Maggie Santos, Communications and Protocol Manager for the City of Doral, who explains that the Doral Cultural Arts Center is one of the projects that was approved by the voters as part of the Park Bond. The intended use of this center will be for photography and art exhibitions, audiovisual festivals such as short films, theatrical presentations, musical concerts, dance performances, and art classes.

“Even when this year we have been forced to modify some of the activities that we usually support to virtual events due to the safety and social distance measures that COVID-19 has imposed over all of us, the City of Doral continues to care about the development of the culture in our city and a sample of this is this Art Center,” states Santos.

The Doral Cultural Arts Center will be located between 53rd Street and 53rd Terrace, adjacent to the City of Doral Government Center. Among the features that will make this cultural center truly a special place is ample space for an art gallery, a multi-purpose room, an amphitheater, and outdoor courtyards.

This center will also include an office area, a lounge, a roof terrace, a lobby, a shipping and maintenance area, public restrooms, and an irrigation system, among other amenities. The outdoor areas mixed with beautiful landscaping will make this architectural project something truly exceptional.

Santos informed us that the building of the Doral Cultural Arts Center is scheduled to begin at the end of October 2020, unless there are setbacks. The estimated preliminary construction schedule is comprised of 365 days; however, she was clear in stating that these times are a preliminary estimate that could be adjusted according to the development of the project.  


While the construction of the Doral Cultural Arts Center further promotes art manifestations in our city, it is important to remember that Doral has an important history in cultural and artistic events. Among these, we can highlight the Photography Exhibit “Capture Doral”, the “Hispanic Heritage Festival”, “Ritmo Doral” and “Opera Doral”, all of which are events associated to the Sister Cities program.

One of these important artistic manifestations that has been taking place since 2017 at the Doral Government Center is the Photography Exhibit “Capture Doral”.  This exhibit showcases the evolution of Doral, its communities, and its parks, all captured through the lenses of local artists.

Cultural diversity, social inclusion, and equity are some of the concepts that define us as immigrants in this multicultural city. Many of these concepts have been highlighted every year since 2004 through the “Hispanic Heritage Festival”. Through this event, the City of Doral sponsors an art exhibit that includes both painting and sculpture that is designed under the vision of highlighting the deep and positive influence that Hispanics bring to this city and country, through their strong and firm commitment to both their family, faith, service and hard work.

Locations such as the Miami International Mall,  Ronald Reagan Doral Senior High School, Miami Dade College in Doral, and the Doral Government Center are some of the venues in which the “Hispanic Heritage Festival” have taken place, and now they will take place at the Doral Cultural Arts Center facility.

“Ritmo Doral” is the name of the cultural and community event that the City of Doral holds every year to boost our economy through local tourism, cultural development, and diplomatic exchange.

This event has always been completely dedicated to family recreation and will always be focused on celebrating the rich cultural diversity of our city and to the international engagement of the Doral community through live music, culture, food, and entertainment. This event will also take place from now on at the Doral Cultural Arts Center.

Another cultural event that is held annually by the City of Doral is “Opera Doral”. This event has always featured great voices and it has been taking place in Doral since 2010, but this year it will be showcased virtually due to Covid-19. This event has taken place both in Ronald Reagan Doral Senior High School and in Miami Dade College, but in the future, it will take place at the new Doral Cultural Arts Center.

The Doral Cultural Arts Center will open an important space to support and expand the cultural and artistic expressions of Doral. These cultural celebrations are important because their goal is to engage both residents and visitors of the city in its promotion as a place that is culturally speaking, artistic, diverse, and creative.


City of Doral arts center


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  • Hello,I am interested in exhibiting my art work..paintings and photographs ,some of the Doral views.Whom do I contact for information re:my request. Thank you.

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