Doral will have its first children and youth soccer tournament


By: Diana Bello Aristizábal


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Certainly, Doral is a soccer city.  Its inhabitants, the vast majority of whom are Latino, have brought vividly their passion for this sport from their countries of origin. This is why is no less than surprising that, although it houses several soccer schools and it’s common to see matches across its different parks, so far, it hasn’t had its own children and youth soccer tournament. This is about to change with Doral Cup.

This unprecedented event will take place on March 9 and 10 of, 2024, in Doral Meadow, Doral Legacy, and Morgan Levy Park, and on the fields of J.C. Bermudez Doral Senior High School and Downtown Doral Upper School. Teams of children between the ages of 7 and 18 years old will be participating in it.

“We have been preparing for this for two years by talking with the right people and putting all of our love, enthusiasm, work, and effort to deliver a great tournament to the city,” says Juan Carlos Garcia, lifelong soccer player, PR and sponsorship expert and director of World Soccer Event, a company created to host sporting events starting with this cup.

Along with him are Jean Paul Ginestra, also company director and expert on logistics for sporting events; Juan Arango, considered by many the best player in the history of Venezuelan soccer; José Manuel Rey, another soccer legend and former captain of ‘La Vinotinto; businessman Tony Cocchiola and Nehomar Matías, professional coach and physical trainer.

These six soccer- lovers, recognized professionals and businessmen came together to create a tournament they hope will be held every year in Doral and which in its first edition will host between 114 and 120 teams, more than 1,600 players and roughly 5,000 people in constant rotation every day of the event under a schedule between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

“Each team would play at least three games throughout the tournament and those that get to the finals would play four,” Jean Paul Ginestra explains. He says registration is still open and he hopes to see players of the most important academies of South Florida, but especially of Doral. “We will have security thanks to the Doral Police, enough parking space and excellent fields, all made of artificial grass.”


The competition children needed

According to the managers of this initiative, Doral children needed a local tournament. “Many of us have children who play soccer, and we have attended other cups such as the Weston or Miramar ones, but never any that is held here, which, as residents, we cannot conceive since this is such a family-friendly city full of parks,” explains Juan Carlos.

The project was approved in 2022 under the previous administration but had to be postponed due to logistical issues with the parks. “We decided to submit the request again to the new administration with all the logistics and park permits ready, and after meeting with the organizations involved such as, for example, the Doral Police,” he says.

In this regard, Mayor Christi Fraga said the tournament obtained approval from the City Council at the November 2023 meeting after their application was processed for an Outdoor Event Permit before the Planning and Zoning Department.

“Anyone who wants to hold an outdoor event in Doral with more than 400 people in attendance must apply for this permit before this department, which will be granted so long as it meets the criteria required for this type of event,” Fraga explained.

Regarding the tournament, she expressed that it is important, considering Doral is a sports-focused city with a large number of soccer fans. “I believe it -the cup- can be done annually and that it can create an economic impact. I will personally be there supporting them, hoping people have fun and follow the rules and that all Doral academies sign up.”

“Doral is one of the cities that has grown the most in recent years, it deserved to have a cup. In the end, it will help create more competition and pave the way to consolidate Doral as an entertainment destination,” adds Jean Paul.


Requirements and procedure to apply

– Academies that have not yet registered for this tournament must do so before the last day of February or until the assigned team quota is completed, the limit of which is 120.

– To participate, academies must be part of FYSA

– Registration is to be made through, in the ‘Register Team’ link that will take users to the GotSport platform.

– Costs per registered team will be the following: $750 for the category of 7,8  and 9 year old players; $850 in the 10  and 11 year old player category; and $950 in the category of players from 12 to 18 years old.




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