Essential Supplies will be sent to Ukrainian Refugees from Doral

DORAL, FL – Since Russia attacked Ukraine around 4:30 a.m. Thursday, the world has unified to show support to the country. In South Florida, employees at the Global Empowerment Mission in Doral are planning to send 20,000 kits with essential supplies to Ukrainian Refugees.

The kits will be sent to a town two hours outside of Ukraine in Poland with food and hygiene supplies in order to help the population of Ukraine that suffered devastating effects following Russia’s invasion commanded by President Vladimir Putin.

The organization gathered on Wednesday to put together palettes, containing kits with hygiene supplies, first aid kits, blankets, tents and sleeping bags.

“Today, we’re preparing to ship some things by air and we’re starting to load containers,” said Global Empowerment Mission founder Michael Capponi to the media. “The first container will be out at sea by tomorrow. We have 44 million people that live in Ukraine. They’re going to be terrified by tomorrow and today, and it’s too many people trying to leave major cities all at once.”

Each kit has enough supplies to help a family of four Ukrainian Refugees and it is expected the organization sends 100,000 kits to the area over the next few months.

Capponi himself will be flying to the site on Thursday to help distribute the kits, that will be shipped from South Florida to Poland, alongside Polish, Ukrainian and military partners.

“I think by the time I get there, there is already going to be an influx of people. That’s why we have to ship things by air. We have to get supplies there immediately.”

To donate to the Global Empowerment Mission and their mission in Ukraine, click Here.

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  • I would like to help by volunteering.

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