Griselia Digiacomo presents her candidacy as a Medley Councilwoman

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Griselia Digiacomo, a Medley resident for 24 years and who became an elected official in 2007, presents her candidacy as a Medley Town Councilwoman. 

The public servant found herself in a dilemma after the person who won her seat on the Council resigned for personal reasons only one month after the elections. 

“I was in total disbelief when I heard the news, but not for a second I thought to jump right into another election,” said Digiacomo, who also stated she never felt any resentment for not being voted for the people of Medley as a council member in the past elections. 

“I am a true believer that the people have the right to choose those that are going to represent them and fight for their wellbeing and I could not feel prouder of the job I did during my years of service in the Town of Medley Council,” she added.

However, following the resignation of the elected official, Griselia Digiacomo received an overwhelming number of phone calls from residents, employees and Medley business owners, asking her to consider running for office once again.

She wasn’t planning on resuming that path so soon, but the support of her children, family, and closest friends, as well as that of the people of Medley in addition to the division she has witnessed within the town and the Council made her change her mind. 

“The breaking point in my decision making was to witness the division that has emerged in our Town and within our Council at only two months, after the November 3rd, 2020 election. After experiencing the horrific year that 2020 was for all of us, Americans and for the whole world, it pains me to see our Town this divided. I honestly believe my experience could help bring some common ground and unity to this Council,” said Griselia. 

For the people, by the people, one of the people!

As a new Council candidate Griselia Digiacomo stands for the motto: for the people, by the people, one of the people!

She is, indeed, “one of the people” having moved to Medley in 1997 and falling instantly in love with the town. 

“I fell in love with the small-Town feel, with its people and with the family atmosphere you could feel at every event. It was all a celebration bringing everyone together like one big family in this small Town, that it was back then my new home,” she stated. 

Digiacomo remember those years very well. Initially, she was planning on saving money to buy a house in no more than two years. But over time, she has not only managed to establish here but to be part of this town. 

“Now, 24 years later, not only I am still here, but I could also not picture myself living anywhere else. I could not be prouder of being part of this community and to have had the blessing to race my children and now my grandchildren here,” says the public servant. 

She is the proud mother of Eddy, 33, and Jenny 30. Also, the proud grandmother of three beautiful children, Sadie, Victor, and Emmy Lee, and of another child that is on the way and whom she is happily awaiting.

In all these years, she has managed to raise a family and work hard at the same time. Before becoming an Elected Official in 2007, she was a Town of Medley employee for six and a half years.

“In all those years I had the opportunity to work for several departments, being my first position a part-time pool attendant. I also worked for the Medley Summer Camp Program and assisted Town staff in organizing and arranging all Town residents’ events,” she remembers.

She also worked part and full time as the receptionist, as well as an accounts payable clerk for the Finance Department for 5 years prior to getting elected to the Medley Town Council.

“It was because of my role and experiences in so many different aspects of our community, that I was able to recognize and understand the needs of both our residents and employees,” explains Digiacomo.

As a resident of Medley for 24 years, she says her family and her have had the privilege to enjoy all the benefits that “our great town provides”. Now, she wants to show her gratitude by giving back to the community and Town that does so much for its residents, employees and business community.

She did so in her years of service in the Council, when the residents where at the center of her focus. “In my years of service in the Council, I always made it a priority to have our residents considered first for any vacant position.”

“I also remained committed to ensuring and maximizing benefits for all Town employees regardless of whether they were part-time or full -time employees, and our residents. I was fortunate and grateful to get the Council support my initiatives to expand many of the benefits our employees and residents enjoy today. For that, I will always be grateful.”

She expects the people of Medley take all her accomplishments and strengths into consideration so she can continue working for the people of Medley from the Council. 

“I pray that if the residents of the Town of Medley put their trust in me once again, with their support, I could be the voice of reason so that we can move forward to work for the people of the great Town of Medley”, says Griselia Digiacomo. 

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