Impact of Poetry

By: Clarissa Feo, Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School


Impact of Poetry is a project started by a poet trying to find and encourage other poets. Poetry as an art is not popular in the 21st century, and as a poet myself I want to make a change.

My name is Clarissa Feo, an 11th-grade student at my local charter school, and my purpose is to show others that poetry is very much alive.

This form of writing can help boost memory and encourage self-reflection, which helps decrease the chances of anxiety and depression. My project cannot be done without the help of the community, which is why I request your help.

With the help of Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School, I have been allowed to host workshops for fifth graders on how to write poems.

My goal is to expand these workshops and teach not only newer generations how to write poetry but also older generations.

I plan on hosting several events from workshops to live open-mic events. For years I told myself I had no passion big enough to make a difference, then come March 2020 (the year of the lockdown) I picked up a pen and started writing.

Poets are not made overnight, but the interest in becoming one does. When writing poems, every emotion and drop of imagination comes out.

Poetry makes me feel alive, and I also want others to feel the magic. Follow my socials and witness how my project changes how poetry is seen.


Instagram: impact_of_poetry

Tiktok: impact_of_poetry

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