Improvements For The Parks In Doral: Doral Meadow Park and Doral White Course Park

A total of 1,925,000 dollars will be invested in the renovation, these will be financed by the Park Bond.


By: Edda Pujadas

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As some of the improvements that were considered under the Park Bonds, the City of Doral recently approved two projects, as part of the series of improvements that were considered under the Park Bond. These are the renovation of the Doral Meadow Park and the design of the Doral White Course Park.

These projects were approved this past February during the City of Doral Council Meeting. At this meeting, it was also agreed to allocate a total of $1,600,000 dollars for the works at Doral Meadow Park and $325,000 for the design of the Doral White Course Park.


The renovation of Doral Meadow Park located at 11555 NW 58th street in the City of Doral was agreed through Resolution No. 20-17. One of the most important aspects of it includes the enclosing of the currently covered exterior area in order to create additional air-conditioned space of 800 square feet.

Other improvements to the existing construction will include a high-tech conference room, a kitchen, the refurbishment of the façade, installation of green walls, the modernization of the restrooms and an outdoor multiple purpose plaza, this just to mention the main changes.

Let’s remember that in the Park System Master Plan of the City of Doral from 2017, it was already specified that Doral Meadow Park contained a small building that was being underused and that even when it counted with a covered area for the protection against inclement weather, it was not yet integrated to the special programming, the circulation and the adjacent uses of the park.

This Master Plan also considered that even when Doral Meadow Park was clean and in good conditions, its exterior, its appearance, and aesthetics were not properly designed as some other buildings in the City and this was decreasing the value of the overall design of Doral. Even when it was recognized that the building was already integrating public art, it also indicated that in general it was being used for storage and for this reason, the interior finishes and the furniture were of a utilitarian appearance.

The construction company that was appointed to conduct this job is Karmil Construction, founded in 2013 and it is specialized in a wide variety of office buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, retail stores and commercial, municipal and industrial structures in general, it counts with a solid reputation in the whole State of Florida.



The Doral White Course Park will be located at 8425 NW 41 street in the City of Doral, near the Downtown Doral area. Among the areas that will be developed in this park are a shaded playground area, an event plaza in front of the lake, several outdoor exercise stations, a multi-purpose green area, a fenced dog area, restrooms, and shelters. This park will be conditioned with important lighting elements that will create a pleasant landscape with general lighting, walkways and security cameras.

The representative of the City of Doral chose for this important project, Chen Moore and Associates (CMA). CMA is a multidisciplinary company with its main office in Fort Lauderdale, it also has some regional offices in Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando (Maitland), Gainesville, Tampa, and Jacksonville.

Founded in 1986, Chen Moore and Associates is specialized in Civil Engineer, hydraulic systems, water and sewer, transportation, landscape architecture, irrigation and planning, environmental engineering and construction inspection. This company is committed to providing quality responsive services while meeting all the timelines and the specific needs of the projects of its customers.

The decision of the City of Doral to approve these projects is based on the main objective of our park system: to ensure that all the residents of Doral are within a short walking distance from a park in order to satisfy the recreational needs of everyone without limitation of age, interest and/or ability.

Even when the 2017 Park System Master Plan of Doral confirmed that the city has a proven reputation to provide high-quality parks, these have to be in constant renovation and expansion, according to the needs of the growth population. For example, today we have 2.24 acres of green areas per 1,000 population and the goal is to have 4.5 acres of green areas per 1,000 population, therefore the efforts oriented to improving our park system must continue.

In order to support this effort, on November 6th, 2018, voters approved a $150 million-dollar General Obligation Park Bond. It is thanks to this bond that the financing for the construction and improvements of high-quality park projects, such as the Doral Meadow Park and the Doral White Course Park are possible.


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