In Miami, we are stressed but happy!

Are we really the third more stressed state in the country?

There are those that assure that they live stressed in Miami, nevertheless, there is another group that states that they feel privileged to live where others come for vacations!


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There are those that assure that they live stressed in Miami; nevertheless, there is another group that states that they feel privileged to live where others come for vacations!

In Miami we live stressed, but happy. This phrase may best summarize the results of a study conducted by Zippia, a job search portal, and a survey conducted by Doral Family Journal between some residents of Doral and other cities in Miami.

The study used several criteria to determine the levels of stress of the population: hours of insomnia, travel times (how long the residents take commuting to and from the job), the unemployment rate, the number of hours worked, the density of the population, the relationship between the price of housing and the income and the percentage of uninsured people, based on all of these it was determined that Florida is the third most stressful state in the United States.

The report places the “Sunshine State” just below New Jersey and Georgia and above California and New York, and the main reason for which Florida was ranked as one of the most stressful locations in the country is that it is the third state with the most uninsured people in the Country.

Also, Digital Third Coast, a research firm that surveyed, a home improvement website, assures that the residents of Miami are considered the moodiest in the country, because they are annoyed by their neighbors, especially due to the noise that they make.

Given all this information about stress in Florida, we also need to mention that, for some people, stress increases during election time. However, many others think this is an interesting and important season for the future of our localities.


Jesika Gonzalez-Borisavllevic is founder and President of New Life U.S. Visa and Immigration Services, company that specializes in immigration services. She believes that the United States economic system is by nature stressing, nevertheless the majority of the residents in Doral are Latin, we have an excellent geographic location and a Caribbean touch which makes our city happier than stressed.

When we compare the traffic of Doral with cities as Atlanta, she considers that we live in Paradise. Regarding the election times, Jesika knows that all the cities are more active during electoral campaign seasons, but for me, it is “more interesting than stressing.”

Yamileth Salazar, a Journalist, differs from the above point of view and she tells us that she does not want to live in Miami anymore. “I believe that Doral is not the only stressing city, all Miami Dade County is stressing, we cannot live here anymore, especially due to the traffic, this is really what affects me the most. To her, the elections are not what increases stress the most, in Miami what does it, is the rhythm of the life in the cities.

Danni Martucci does not believe that living in Doral is stressing, “in reality, I like it very much.  It is a family-oriented city, and there are many options of parks and places to take my children to and share with the family, and without being in my country, I can still enjoy the Latin culture. Regarding the elections, I do not think that they have generated a stressing climate.”

Natzul Bianco and Yudy Jaramillo share professions, both of them are realtors in the city of Doral, but their opinions differ. While Natzul considers that life in Miami is stressing, Yudy feels peaceful living and working in this city. Where they both coincide is in saying that the political campaigns increase the stress and cause anguish and even disturb the peace due to the constant phone calls that they conduct to learn about your political tendency.

Oswaldo Landaeta loves Miami: “Is it a stressing city? We cannot deny traffic in rush hour and the quick rhythm of life, but these are the usual consequences of the cities with important tourism, commercial and financial sectors. I believe that, in contrast with the majority of the states in the United States, we do not have inclement cold weather, this allows us to enjoy beautiful outdoor spaces such as beaches and parks and be in permanent contact with nature. Is there anything more relaxing than that?

“Election time does annoy me a little. The campaigns are dirty; they are based on the flaws of the opponents and not in the political offer of the candidates. It is a violent and unfair game, where it seems that we need to choose not between the best, but among the ones with the least defects,” stated Oswaldo.

Andrea Da Re works and lives in Doral, and for her, life in any of the cities in Miami is quite stressful because of the hectic pace of life, which she manages to mitigate during the weekends when she tries to enjoy nature with her family. However, she does not believe that the political campaigns have increased the stress.

Soraya Alcala believes that, despite having been a great city, Miami is becoming a disaster: there is no quality of life concerning the cost of living, traffic is crazy (including weekends), on top of this there is constant construction and detours. “However, I have lived for short times in Doral, and although there is always traffic and it is a city where you find industrial, commercial and residential properties mixed if you get used to it, it is a comfortable city because it is a prosperous and family-oriented city.”

Rita Aguila lived for 15 years in a very cosmopolitan city such as Buenos Aires; however, she has lived for the last five years in Miami and believes that our city is much more stressful than the Argentine capital. “The way in which we behave in traffic and our social life make it stressful. With regards to the time of political campaigns, everything is more violent, and these campaigns are based on discrediting one another and not in submitting a proposal to the voters.”

Donatella Ungredda lives on Fontainebleau Boulevard and also points to traffic as the main reason for stress. “The way many drivers behave, there are too many distracted drivers who annoy others and these in response to their frustration make sudden maneuvers that stress those that are alert. The neighbors and their music are also a problem… It’s their favorite music, not mine.  Besides this, I think that Miami has many ways to relieve stress, you just have to know them and take advantage of them.”

Isaura Inciarte lives in Doral and feels happy to have chosen this city as her residence. “I have not lived in any other part of the United States to be able to compare which place is more stressful than other. However, what I can say is that I love to live here because I live in peace, I have everything I need close by, and parking is free, almost anywhere.”

Yolanda Medina also lives in Doral and says that she is happy. I believe this is a convenient city; it has everything, I do not need to go anywhere else, I do not feel stressed in any way because I believe that you do not need to search for peace and tranquility in any other place but yourself. As it relates to the political campaigns, I do not like them, and I believe that the candidates should offer proposals that benefit the community.”

Evidently while for many, traffic and the high cost of living are factors that trigger stress, many others think that Doral and the rest of the cities in Miami Dade have parks and beaches which makes them happy, even in spite of the political campaigns.

One thought on “In Miami, we are stressed but happy!

  • I don’t find Doral / Miami stressful but like many of these ladies have mentioned , the traffic here is a nightmare and from what I have seen not a one politician could care less as cheap talk is all we get .

    I work at night so avoid it but days I’m off during the week I know better then to be on the road here in Doral after 4 – 4:30 pm . Even driving out of some of these gated communities during rush hour is a nightmare .

    I feel bad for those who work 9 to 5 . There isnt any real public transportation and more and more apartments , etc are going up .

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