Jackson West Medical Center Will Open Its Doors in October of 2020

The concept of Jackson West Medical Center will focus on personalized service, beyond the sole medical care of the patient.


By: Edda Pujadas

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DORAL, FL – In more or less a year from today, the first hospital in Doral will open its doors. Jackson West Medical Center will be opening in October 2020. It will house an adult and pediatric emergency room, a diagnostic and imaging center, an outpatient clinic and at least 100 beds in the hospital.

Jackson West Medical Center is located West of Palmetto on the North side of NW 25th street.  It will provide primary and specialized medical service to Doral, Miami Springs, Sweetwater, Westchester, Hialeah, Miami Lakes, West Miami, and Virginia Gardens, and it will be open to the general population.

Mr. Carlos Migoya, President of the Jackson Health System, the General Manager for the Jackson Medical Center West, Mr. Eddie Borrego
Mr. Carlos Migoya, President of the Jackson Health System, and the General Manager for the Jackson Medical Center West, Mr. Eddie Borrego

The opening of Jackson West Medical Center was announced during a business luncheon organized by the Venezuelan Business Club. Attending this luncheon were Mr. Carlos Migoya, President of the Jackson Health System, the General Manager for the Jackson Medical Center West, Mr. Eddie Borrego; some of the medical team of this prestigious hospital, the Mayor of Doral Mr. Juan Carlos Bermudez, and some other authorities from our city.

Eddie Borrego, who will head the management team of the Jackson Medical Center West, informed that this hospital will have one hundred beds and will be named “Jose Milton Memorial Hospital”, this hospital will also include a maternity ward. The Jose Milton Foundation donated $10 million dollars to the Jackson Health Foundation, the fundraising arm of the Jackson Health System. For this reason, it is an important part of the creation of this health and well-being center.

Borrego is a young executive, he graduated from Florida State University with a master’s in business administration from the University of Miami. He hopes to conduct this new generation health center with an innovative and dynamic focus and turn this hospital into a health reference in South Florida.

In order to achieve this, Borrego bases his experience in the community service that he has been developing for almost six years at Jackson Health System and his professional services at Miami Dade County, the United States Senate in South Florida, the Department of Education of the State of Florida, the Office of the Governor of Florida and the Miami Dade Public Schools System.

In March 2015 the Miami Dade Board of County Commissioners supported, unanimously, the plan of the Jackson Health System to buy 27 acres in the City of Doral. The plan was also approved by the Public Health Trust Board of Trustees, Jackson’s Governing Body and the Jackson Bond Citizens’ Advisory Committee, which reviews all the projects that are financed by the Jackson Miracle-Building Bond program.

The financial authorities of the Jackson Health System were able to negotiate an amount of $38.5 million dollars below the average appraised value. The Jackson system is also allocating $15 million dollars of that amount for its own operational funds, the rest of the project, including the construction and equipment, is being financed through the Jackson Miracle Building Bond program, and also with the support of institutions such as the Jose Milton Foundation.

Some other important things to highlight from the facilities of the Jackson West Medical Center, with 275 thousand square feet of construction is that it will have both primary and specialized care for children and adults, an imaging diagnostic center, an emergency room and an outpatient center for children.

The seven floors building, six of which will be dedicated to public service, will provide immediate access to medical services to more than 585,000 residents within 5 square miles of this center.

“The concept that we are developing for the Jackson West Medical Center is something not seen before in our community. We are going to be offering, not only medical, clinical and preventative services, but we are also going to be offering personalized attention, boutique style, and  last generation, this will make the patient feel comfortable and satisfied,” explained Borrego.

The Jackson West Medical Center is the first hospital to be built after ten years. It will have a particular focus on pediatric services, it will include an emergency room for pediatric attention and in the building next door, it will offer several pediatric specialties. “This is part of the personalized attention that we are focusing on, this is the human side of the families, catering to their needs.”

Eddie Borrego stated that as customary for the Jackson, they will work in connection with the University of Miami and they will be offering all the specialized services that they currently offer, with the exception of Open Heart surgeries which will be transferred to the Headquarters of the Jackson Health System in Downtown Miami.

Jackson West Medical Center will also work with all the insurance plans because the idea behind this medical center is to keep on servicing all the population that requires medical attention, both primary and specialized. “Our mission is to satisfy the health and prevention needs of our communities,” stated Borrego.

The new and modern facilities of Jackson West Medical Center will have community rooms that will be free of charge to hold conferences, forums, and workshops directed at our population.

The Mayor of Doral, Juan Carlos Bermudez, expressed his satisfaction with the presence of Jackson West Medical Center in our jurisdiction. “Even when we are fortunate that most of the health centers of Miami Dade have branches in our city, this will be our first hospital, this is not only beneficial for the residents of Doral but also to the residents of the West side of the County.”

“The Jackson Health System is one of the most important health networks in the country, it has a multidisciplinary team that works in connection with the University of Miami to promote the best possible health service,” stated Mayor Bermudez while adding that it is very fortunate that they are soon going to be opened in Doral.

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