John I. Smith K-8 Center Honors Mrs. Hilda Suarez, a True Hero!

After 14 years of service to John I. Smith K-8 Center, counselor Hilda Suarez, prepares for retirement. Mrs. Suarez is described as a positive and enthusiastic counselor who is loved and admired by her students and coworkers. She does her job with such love and inspiration that she in turn makes John I. Smith K-8 Center an uplifting and positive place to call home.

Mrs. Suarez’s kind words and jovial personality have touched and changed the lives of so many children. Her determination and grace allow her to bring hope to the most delicate of cases. What is most respected of Mrs. Suarez, is the confidence the staff has in knowing that any case, grave or trivial, brought before her will be handled with the utmost care and diligence. Through her determination she can overcome any obstacle in her way to ensure that every student has the tools they need to succeed.

One example of Mrs. Suarez’s legacy is how she teaches character traits through her classroom visits. She uses a book called Did You Filled a Bucket Today? This book teaches children positive behaviors by teaching them how rewarding it is to communicate daily kindness, gratitude, and love. This book has really caught on with the students, and it is not uncommon to hear them asking each other in the hallways of they have filled a bucket today.

Although, all that has been stated barely scratches the surface of the meaningful and life changing work Mrs. Suarez has done at John I. Smith K-8 Center. It is with a heavy heart that the staff prepares their celebration of her retirement, as they feel they are losing a vital piece of what makes this school so special.

In her retirement, Mrs. Suarez plans on volunteering her time counseling as well as continuing with Tai Chi classes. This summer she plans on enjoying her grandchildren and making plenty of traveling plans. Back at John I Smith K-8 Center, her colleagues hope they have filled Mrs. Suarez’s bucket through their appreciation for her hard work. 

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