Luncheon in support of Commissioner Esteban “Steve” Bovo by Miami-Dade Business Leaders

DORAL, FL –  On October 1st at the Ultra Aviation facilities, a lunch was offered reaffirming the support of the candidacy for Miami-Dade County Mayor for Commissioner Esteban “Steve” Bovo, on behalf of business leaders in the county.

An interesting fact about this meeting is that it was represented by ten (10) different nationalities that make up this group of business leaders.

Most of these entrepreneurs are Presidents or Directors of the Binational Chambers of Commerce of South Florida. The nationalities that were present are: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

Presidents of local Chambers of Commerce, and other Professional Organizations that belong to Miami-Dade County also joined in, such as: CAMACOL,CAMACOL-DORAL, Hialeah, Medley, Sweetwater, PROFESA (Puerto Rican Profesional Association) and America’s Business Network.

At the same time, there was the pleasant and positive visit by City of Doral Mayor, and current candidate for reelection of the mentioned city, the Honorable Juan Carlos Bermudez.

The group listened to the direct and straight forward message from Commissioner Esteban “Steve” Bovo, in which he emphasized about the importance of people voting, not only for the welfare of everyone in the County, but, more to the point, these elections mark a great importance to give continuity to the projects, community service, and above all, citizen security.

About this, the candidate stated to all present: “in your hands, and the communities you represent, is the positive outcome and the positive future of our County”.

The business leaders were grateful for the sincerity and transparency of candidate Bovo during the meeting. After each one of them presented themselves to the candidate, their message to him [Bovo] was unanimous.

Not only did he has the support of the communities they represented, but all of them will continue to work internally within their different business associations, organizations and communities that they lead.

This, to effectively communicate the important message of coherence and consistency stated by candidate Bovo in order to achieve that important vote of support for the successful election of Esteban “Steve” Bovo for Miami-Dade County Mayor.

Reported by: Dr. Arturo E. Enamorado-Caraccioli

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