M-DCPS approves measure of flags displayed on classrooms

DORAL, FL -Miami-Dade School Board voted unanimously to pass on a measure that would ensure the United States and Florida flags are displayed on classrooms.

The proposal was made by member Roberto Alonso who visited some schools where the American flag wasn’t visible. This encouraged him to present the measure that ultimately would guarantee schools to be complying with the District’s rule.

After reviewing his proposal and submitting it to a vote, on Wednesday the measure was approved, following a debate raised during the public opinion session. Those against it argued they were expressing their rights and the measure would limited those rights.

Also, others stated it limits the students’ freedom of speech, while those in favor consider it to represent respect to the flags inside schools.

About this, the United Teachers of Dade said, they “firlmy support patriotism”. “We hope censoring teachers autonomy and removing cultural identities inside our classrooms are not priorities for the School Board.”

“This would cause a decline in academic enrichment in a rated A district due to its enriching curriculum that is inclusive with all cultures and identities. The essence of that proposal seems to be less patriotic and more political because it intends to divide classrooms.”

The approved measure will require the two flags to be displayed in all classrooms, both in and outside of classroom. In addition, it would ban flags unrelated with the school’s curriculums.


Photo by: Unsplash.com

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