Matilde’s Tiramisù, a taste of Italy in Miami.


By: Diana Bello Aristizábal

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A new Italian brand that belongs to one of the most respected names in Italian Fine Pastry has arrived in Miami directly from Veneto: Matilde’s Tiramisù. With its first kiosk opened in the city at Miami International Mall and other two in the Orlando area, Pasticceria Matilde Vicenzi, a family business based in Verona since 1905, starts a new line in which the worldwide famous dessert is the main character.

“Tiramisù is a dessert from Veneto, a region located in the northeastern part of Italy. For this reason, we decided to create a recipe with the original italian flavor to be offered at points of sale throughout the United States beginning with Florida,” explains Fabrizio Senatore, Manager for the Matilde’s Tiramisù Kiosks division in the country.

The company is the leader in puff pastries, ladyfingers and filled cookies distributed among stores and supermarket chains in around 110 countries, has 14 automated production lines with a production of over 40 thousand of a finished product, and now is entering a business line that has direct contact with customers through refined pastry shop kiosks.

Given the wide experience of the corporation as a premium manufacturer of pastries, biscuits and bakery products, Matilde’s Tiramisù brand is currently working in opening new kiosks in the Orlando area, Miami and at least 20 in other parts of Florida. “In the country, we are going to open many more, because we want to be present in every major mall,” says Senatore.


Quality and tradition

So what is the brand’s hallmark and what consumers can find by approaching one of their kiosks? To start, every location has a special atmosphere that it feels like entering an italian jewerly store by the way products are exhibited.

“The presentation and design of each kiosk is like a little jewelry; very delicate, and in a luxury, format yet affordable, since prices range from 1.90 to 10.50 dollars. Sipping cappuccino at one of our locations while enjoying a fine tiramisù can instantly transport you to Verona or Venice,” comments Senatore.

But most importantly what makes this brand so unique is the quality of its ingredients, all coming from Pasticceria Matilde Vicenzi, and the flavor of the tiramisù, a layer cake made with Ladyfingers soaked in coffee, and tiramisù cream which is a combination of egg yolk, sugar, mascarpone and then a cocoa powder coating.

“Our Vicenzovo Ladyfingers have better quality than others, which makes them perfect to be soaked in coffee and enhance the flavor. Also, we use the traditional method when preparing each cake to bring the authentic italian recipe with very few variations such as the one we made for the red berries tiramisù soaked in a berry syrup,” says Senatore.

Another added value is the consistency, which means every tiramisù offered to the public is perfectly prepared within high standards that only experienced and professional brands such as this one can guarantee.

It should also be noted that the brand does not use preservatives, chemical additives or artificial flavorings and keeps the freshness of the product through a deep frozen process.

“We currently offer  six tiramisù flavors – classic, amaretto, chocolate, red berries, mango and pistachio – that we offer day round so they can remain fresh and in excellent condition.” Fabrizio explains new flavors will be incorporated in the future with the italian touch but suitable for the american market.

In addition to this, there is also a selection of italian coffee beverages, coming from Veneto as well, such as cappuccino, expresso, americano, macchiato, latte, mocha and hot chocolate that goes very well with the tiramisù.

“Coffee is the perfect match for tiramisù, because it enhances the flavor. But we also have italian sodas, spring water and cold tea. There are options for everyone,” explains Fabrizio Senatore.

But in the kiosks there is not only tiramisù available. Those who want to try the products that gave this company its reputation can also find packaged products such as biscuits with lemon cream filling, puff pastries, that are a perfect breakfast with a cappuccino, and double chocolate cookies, among others.


When to try a tiramisù?

According to Fabrizio Senatore, there is always time for this dessert during the day, because is not as heavy or sugary as others, having only between 320 and 400 calories (less than a hamburguer) and every individual portion is big enough to satisfy the client, which makes it a perfect alternative for lunch.

“Tiramisù means ‘pick me up’, because it is an energizing cake ideal for exhausting or low-energy days. It is also a comfort food that can uplift you when you are down just like chocolate, it gives the same kind of energy and joy”, points out Fabrizio.

Can also be enjoyed at breakfast, as a snack or treat during the day or even as an alternative to a meal. Every slice is presented in a golden tray and has individual wrapping (same as in high end pastry shops). Can be sold ready to eat or still frozen to be enjoyed later at home or at the office.

And if you are too tired to go to a kiosk, you can always use the home delivery system that Matilde’s Tiramisù is offering or even ordering a selection for your bridal shower, baby shower, party or dinner party.

“I invite everyone to try a bite of our tiramisùs so people can verify the quality and softeness of our Tiramisu developed carefully for the american palate but with the original italian flavor. Every detail has been taken care of, from the presentation of the product, to the conservation and delivery process”, says Fabrizio Senatore.

Matilde Vicenzi opened for the first time as a small pastry shop and has grown over the years until becoming a 100+ Euro company with sales of more than $140 million dollars. It has 350 full-time employees, 4 production sites and it has the highest quality standars as it holds certifications like ISO 9001, BRC and IFS (International Food Standards).





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  • ” A new Italian brand that belongs to one of the most respected names in Italian Fine Pastry has arrived in Miami directly from Veneto: Matilde’s Tiramisù. With its first kiosk opened in the city at Miami International Mall”

    All of Miami is underrated when it comes to places to eat in and just get food to go and this looks great .

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