Miami-Dade County could partially reopen on May 18

DORAL, FL – During a virtual news conference held on Friday, Mayor Carlos Gimenez said that Miami-Dade County could partially reopen on May 18. 

“I’ve spoken to the governor and he is in agreement that Miami-Dade should move forward in opening up certain sectors of the economy with a target date, and I stress a target date of May 18, so that people can go back to work,” said the Mayor. 

In that order, not everything would be open if the stipulated date reaches a green light. Beaches, bars, nightclubs and movie theaters would not be included in the re-opening plans. 

On the other hand, businesses that do open such as restaurants and retail will have several restrictions to follow that are being discussed by the Mayor, alongside civic leaders, to determine how to proceed in a safe manner.

“We need to get the economy going again and do it as safely as possible,” said the Mayor referring to the County that has not been included, together with Broward and Palm Beach, in the phase one reopening plan, although Governor Ron DeSantis announced just recently that this last county will open restaurants and retailers on Monday.

“As we start moving towards a new normal and opening up businesses in the future, I’m gonna make sure that seniors and anyone at risk, are protected,” he said.

It should be clarified that cities within Miami-Dade have the liberty of choosing not to open. “The cities can be more strict than Miami-Dade but they can’t be less strict…They can decide not to reopen” Gimenez said. 

One thought on “Miami-Dade County could partially reopen on May 18

  • This shut down has gone on long enough and I hope plenty like myself who actually vote , wind up voting against EVERY incumbent .

    I am sure they are above the rules they spew out .

    My own opinion .

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