Miami-Dade puts into effect New Year’s Eve operational safety road

DORAL, FL – Miami-Dade Police announces New Year’s Eve operational safety road to stop drivers who are under the influence of alcohol.

Since drunk drivers could represent a hazard on the road for the rest of them, there will be officers patrolling all streets in the county, some of which won’t be labeled with the Police’s logo. “Please drink responsibly,” the Police asked this year for all road users.

Those who fail to comply and drive under the influence of alcohol will be pulled over in Miami-Dade as well as in Broward County that also announced a New Year‘s Eve operational safety road from 5:00 p.m. on December 31st until 5:00 a.m. on January 1st.

Drunk driving is a major problem since the person involved could get arrested or, worse, create a traffic crash that causes serious injury or death.

This is a life-threatening practice that increases the risk of accidents due to impaired motor skills, less concentration, slow reaction times, decreased vision, and poor judgement.

Be aware that drunk driving not only puts at risk drivers but also passengers and pedestrians. According to, one alcohol-related death occurs every 52 minutes in the U.S. as per NHTSA’s data.

In addition, drunk driving accidents are responsible for 10,000 deaths every year, and about 1/3 of all traffic-related deaths. At the end of 2020, 26.8% of drivers that were killed or seriously injured in a crash had alcohol in their bloodstream.

Legally speaking, the person driving under the influence can get in serious trouble, damaging its record and finances. A first-offense DUI can cost $10,000 or more in fines and legal fees.

For all this, enjoy these holidays responsibly. Plan ahead of time who will be driving or use an Uber, lyft or any hired driver that can take you and your loved ones safely back home.


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One thought on “Miami-Dade puts into effect New Year’s Eve operational safety road

  • I work at night till am and worked today till 4 am .

    I see accidents EVERY Sat / Sun am ( I either work Sat or Sun till am depending on month ) , average is 2 accidents . Rare to see an accident during week .

    Yesterday I counted 4 but that does not mean lots more before that .

    Either way police were out in force and one accident on Coral Way , two people looked to be arrested .

    Driving and drinking in Miami has gone through the roof in last 2 years but last year in particular , again it’s pretty much just weekends unless weekday Holiday .

    Most people in Miami are normal safe drivers but there is a percentage higher then any where else in the state who put others in danger over and over and do it with impunity .

    ” Drunk Driving? In Miami, You’ll Probably Get Away With It”

    According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Miami-Dade in 2018 had the lowest rate of penalizations for criminal traffic violations of any county in the state.

    Of 1,945 DUI cases that reached a conclusion in 2018, only 628 defendants were charged as guilty. The rest were either dismissed or had adjudication withheld, which allows defendants who successfully complete probation to avoid a conviction. That means only about 32 percent of DUI offenders taken to court were convicted of the crime.

    Miami’s numbers are a far cry from the Florida average of 70 percent guilty dispositions in DUI cases, meaning more people get away with drunk driving in this county than anywhere else in the state.

    Miami-Dade’s rate of guilty pleas for leaving the scene and driving with a suspended license are both around 5 percent, compared to a whopping 64 percent for leaving the scene in Polk County and 82 percent for faulty licenses in Manatee County.”

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