Miami-Dade school buses are ready for a new year

In a week when classes begin, parents will be able to send their children to school safely as Miami-Dade school buses are ready for a new year. The school district has announced high-tech upgrades, inspections and school routes drills.

Everything began last Friday when the public schools’ buses were inspected to provide a safe environment for the nearly 45,000 students that will be transported through 800 routes starting August 19th.

But not only that. The school district also announced some technical enhancements and upgrades.

“All buses have an alarm just in case a child opens a door. In that case, the driver immediately has to stop and see why that emergency exit was activated,” explained Miami-Dade School District Coordinator Roy Pérez.

On the other hand, School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho announced the implementation of a new localization system within buses connected to the Police Department.

With this new system, authorities will be able to determine the exact location of a bus, and the arrival and departure times.

According to the Superintendent, from January 2020 parents will be able to monitor in real time the location of a bus through a mobile application and know where their child is on the bus at any point in time.

Additionally, all bus drivers in the state are required to go through a two-day training. However, Miami-Dade drivers underwent active shooter and mental health training as well.

Lastly, a school routes drill was performed so that all Miami-Dade school buses drivers are ready for the beginning of school.

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