Miami International Airport launches new baggage handling system

DORAL, FL – The Miami International Airport will have a new robotized baggage handling system capable of screening 7,000 pieces of luggage every hour, which doubles the previous system’s capacity. 

This new automatized baggage handling system has been tested since last July and is “the largest of its kind for the United States of America” as explained by Airport Director and CEO Lester Sola through the Miami International Airport official twitter account.

It will also serve as a model for other airports that need to increase their luggage handling capacity.

“…This is what we need to do after having surpassed the number of 45 million passengers last year,” said Lester Sola to Diario las Américas

Among its features, one of the most appealing ones is its state-of-the-art explosive detectors. The system utilizes 12 of the latest explosives detection machines as reported by WPTV (West Palm Beach Tv). 

It also features 102 mobile inspection tables that are “currently the largest airport installation of automated guided vehicle technology in the world”, and nearly 9 miles of conveyor belts.

How does the baggage handling system works?

Most of the luggage will go from the check-in counter to the luggage compartment of the airplane after being inspected by the automated equipment.

And throughout this process the mobile tables will be key. They will be scheduled to carry the luggage by themselves moving towards their destination and stoping when reached. They even know when to turn right or left. 

The suitcase will be placed on a small and independent robotic table that will meet a luggage inspector, who will take a look at the content without touching it.

After this, the inspector will allow the robotic table to move the piece in direction of a corresponding mat and from there to the luggage compartment of the airplane.

“If we see something dark and suspicious on the screen, we open the suitcase very carefully and locate the object in question. We proceed to analyze and verify that it is free of explosives or other prohibited substances,” said one of the employees of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to Diario Las Américas.

The most interesting part is that the use of this technology will be in benefit of the passengers. “It will allows us to move passengers quicker increasing the throughput and making sure that they are able to make their flights,” said Sola on Twitter. 

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