Mile “Stone”


By Lucy Gonzalez


As a junior, having a ring that represents your time in high school is a very special thing. The ring symbolizes a milestone in your high school life and all you have accomplished to get to where you are today.


Throughout high school, students begin to find themselves, explore their interests, meet new people, and create memorable moments that will last a lifetime. When looking back to those years of hard work and fun, students often want to have a piece of jewelry that commemorates those experiences.


Not only is a class ring a special token that symbolizes your high school experience and your school pride, it also differentiates upperclassmen from underclassmen students.


The tradition of the ring ceremony secures the bonds of the graduating class. Each ring symbolizes a link in a chain, and, as the students receive their rings and place them on their hands, a bond between the students is sealed. This is a connection made to last a lifetime.

During the ceremony, when juniors place the ring on their fingers, they place it facing toward their chest. This placement signifies a pending graduation, and on graduation, the student turns it outward, facing others. This act is a symbol of the future.


Another aspect of this rite is making the actual ring selection. Since it’s a school ring, the school’s name and emblem is engraved on the ring. There are many designs to choose from which include color and gemstone.


So, as you receive your ring, wear it with pride! The transition to upperclassmen status is a huge accomplishment and the tradition of wearing your school ring acknowledges these important years. The best part is that when you wear it, you can be reminded of the wonderful memories made while in high school!

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