Inaugural Art Collective Event at DDCUS


By: Iker Canchola

Photos were taken by Laura Souza



On March 31st, Downtown Doral Charter Upper School opened its doors to the community, welcoming people in for their first annual Art Collective. A celebration of the arts, the Art Collective saw artists of numerous disciplines(painting, poetry, dance, and music) come together to perform for a night. The event was organized by The Capital Letter, the school’s Literary Art Club.

There was a variety of seating options ranging from general admission to VIP high-top tables to a premium lounge area filled with plush couches and rugs. Poets read their works in the lounge area, giving the Diamond VIP guests a very up-close and interactive experience.

Prior to the beginning of the performances, complimentary “mocktails” were offered to all, and guests could walk and enjoy original student made artworks and watch live painting while Kindred Souls Collective, a local band, performed a set. Soon after, the lights dimmed, and the performances began. Both students and faculty demonstrated their artistic prowess through numerous impressive performances.

“Our intention with the collective is to give students and faculty alike the opportunity to share their original works with the community at large,” says Ms. Jennifer Rivera. Along with Ms. Valeria Manavello, Rivera sponsors The Capital Letter. Along with bringing the community together, the Art Collective served another valuable purpose: helping an important cause.

The Capital Letter raised $4,000 for the Save the Children’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund, a charity set to help the countless children and families affected by the crisis in Ukraine. “We raised money through pizza sales, a Pie-A-Teacher event, private donations, and through Valentine grams – it was a slow and gradual process,” said Rivera.

The night wasn’t complete without a guest appearance by Latin American superstar, Camilo. The musical phenomenon filmed a video thanking and welcoming everyone in attendance at the event.

“Ms. Manavello and I are thrilled by the outcome of the event. The feedback we received has been overwhelmingly positive! I think the collective reaffirms that, when given a space, students and faculty are very willing to share their creativity,” says Rivera in response to the event.

In addition to producing the Art Collective, The Capital Letter has produced a book compiling student works which will soon be available at Barnes and Noble.


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