New Housing For Seniors Citizens

These will be ready between the years 2020 and 2022


An Assisted Living Facility (ALF) for Citizens 65 years old and over and a condo for Senior citizens 55 and over will be built in Downtown Doral


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There are two new residential projects to be built in Doral, these are being developed to offer Senior Citizens (above 55 years of age) dignified homes in which they can not only enjoy a good quality of life, but that also take into consideration their health, mental, emotional and entertainment needs.

The Director of Planning and Zoning of the City of Doral, Mr. Julián Pérez informed us about this, he explained that these developments have the primary purpose of allowing the Senior Citizens to keep on being active members of the city and have the opportunity to keep on sharing their activities with the rest of the community.

The first of these projects is an Assisted Living Facility, Doral Senior Living as it will be called, and will be geared towards Senior Citizens above 65 years of age, that might need help to perform their everyday activities. The other one will be called Overture and will be geared towards Senior Citizens 55+, but this one will not provide any type of assistance.

Both of these developments will be located in Downtown Doral, around NW 87th Avenue and NW 52nd street and they will have built one next to the other. It is expected that they will be ready between 2020 and 2022 completing this way the development of Doral.

“We have housing for young adults, for newlywed young adults, for young couples with children, for middle age couples with children and for adults. Now, with this addition, we will also have residential options for Senior Citizens,” stated Pérez.

“We are taking a lot of precautions while reviewing these projects, we do not want that these Senior Citizens live alone in solitary and isolated rooms, feeling abandoned and caged. We are on the contrary searching that they are able to live in nice and safe places, where they can have access to parks, entertainment and the shopping options that Downtown Doral offers because in our city we respect the older persons and their value in society.”


Doral Senior Living will have a total of eight floors and 105 living units. It will offer several services for Senior Citizens older than 55 years of age, that are in good health condition and are able to move by themselves, this will allow them to participate in several activities within the same complex that will house an auditorium, several recreational areas, pool, spa and massage areas, therapy rooms and a gym. This development will be completely adapted to the needs and wellbeing of the Senior Citizens.

This Assisted Living Facility will be developed by Goray Properties, LLC. This developer is specialized in this type of developments and has been in business since 1973. They currently have the best five Assisted Living Facilities in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Florida, these are characterized because they are active communities that offer physical and mental wellbeing to its residents.

Given the location of these residential projects, its residents will be able to walk, go to the park, eat at nearby restaurants, shop and enjoy activities in the outdoors together with many other entertainment options. “We have even thought about coordinating some activities with the school that we have in Downtown Doral for the children to share and learn from those Senior Citizens, those who set the basis for our actual society,” added Julián Pérez.

As an interesting fact, it is important to mention that the corridors in Doral Senior Living will not be the usual long and empty corridors.  These will contain green areas where the residents will be able to grow their own plants and take care of them, this will break the monotony of the building at the same time that it will create an internal garden.

“The upper floors will be fully conditioned with medical, assisting and safety resources to help those residents with health issues. The idea is that these residents, independently of their mental or physical condition, will be able to live in a cozier place than a hospital if their health situation allows for it.”


Overture will be located beside Doral Senior Living. A condo destined solely for residents 55 or older, an Age Restricted Community as it is known, for residents without health problems. It will also have eight floors and a total of 193 residential units.

Overture will be developed by Greystar GP II, LLC, part of the Greystar corporation, founded in 1993 and focused in the residential sector, where they prioritize the attention to their client’s needs. The 193 condos in Overture will come in different sizes, the smallest will be 785 square feet with one room and one bathroom, while the biggest apartment will be 1,375 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Overture will also include common and entertainment areas, such as pools and a multipurpose room where the residents will be able to enjoy several activities according to their requirements. It will have several green spaces, among them one “Rain Garden” which is a garden with native trees, perennial plants, and flowers planted in a small depression that forms a natural flow, designed to keep and maintain the rainwater. “This is a way to retain the water using nature,” finalized Julián Pérez.

Within the future plans for these communities is to have small, free vehicles to allow these Senior Citizens to move within the furthermost places of Downtown Doral or even within our City and that these enable them to go, for example, even to their medical and dental appointments.


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  • Am also senior citizen living in Doral tell more about new housing in Doral for seniors can we start to pay for ?

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