Outside the comfort zone


By: Lucy Gonzalez


The summer as a teen is so refreshing because the leash is loosened a bit. Being older comes with more responsibilities but more liberty to take ownership and accountability for one’s life. Having access to a car allows one to drive places without an adult. Being an employee gives teens opportunities to buy items and go out more. Teens are able to go places, meet new people and discover more than they once knew.


If one were to learn anything this summer, it is that establishing some comfort outside the comfort zone only helps one grow as a person. Sure, having mom or dad take you to every appointment you have, order food for you at a restaurant, or on top of your responsibilities can take the stress and anxiety off your shoulders, but it doesn’t prepare you for later in life.


Hopefully, you will move on in life, live on your own, and handle your own things. At this point, being able to do things without constantly depending on others will allow you to flourish.


This is why it’s important to be comfortable outside the comfort zone. Stepping into unfamiliar spaces and situations is beneficial for growth. Not only will it allow one to network with others and gain helpful contacts, but one will also develop social skills. It is okay to be nervous or doubtful of gaining some independence and confidence within yourself to try new things. In fact, that is more than normal. It can be scary to jump into new social groups or apply for that dream school, but fear should never influence your success. Go for what you want, and don’t let uncertainty stifle your fun because if you do, you’ll more than likely miss wonderful opportunities exclusive to those who put themselves out there.


Although it might make you uneasy at first, you’ll see that taking a first step into a new situation will later be the reason for many opportunities in the future. So, have confidence within yourself to go for what you want and embrace being outside your comfort zone.

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