Peloton is recalling more than two million exercise bikes

DORAL, FL – Peloton is recalling more than two million exercise bikes after users made numerous reports of injuries, which led the company to recommend customers to immediately stop using them.

The recall applies to all bikes with model number PL-01 that have been sold within the country between January 2018 and May 2023. Those who made a purchase in that timeframe are advised to contact Peloton for a free repair.

Members who made purchases in the UK, Germany and Australia have nothing to worry about as the recall doesn’t apply to them. It is still unknown if the recall will be extended to Canada, but in the coming days there will be an update on the matter. 

The concern, according to the reports, has to do with the seat assembly that could break during use and hurt people as it has happened with those affected who have had a fractured wrist and lacerations when the bikes’ seat detached. 

The statement made by the company explained that it has identified 35 reports of “seat posts breaking” out of the 2,160,000 bikes sold as of April 30. 

“As part of our commitment to product safety, we are voluntarily recalling the seat post of affected units to provide a free replacement seat post,” the company stated. 

The US government’s Consumer Product Safety Commission was in charge of issuing the recall on Thursday warning customers about injuries related with the bike in question. 


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