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Current Employment:  Besides my responsibilities as Doral Councilmember 17 of the 19 years, I have owned an Insurance, Employee Benefits and HR Consulting Company for 38 years which included being a Behavioral Style Trainer teaching organizational teamwork.

Political Experience: 

2001-2003: Miami-Dade County School District’s Overcrowding Task Force and County-Wide Attendance Boundary Committee.

2002-2003: Miami-Dade County Community Councilmember in District 10 that included Doral.

2002-2003: President of the Political Action Committee that promoted becoming a City.

2003-2012 & 2014-Current: Founder of the City of Doral, Doral Vice Mayor, and Doral Council Member.


What is the most pressing issue facing the city, and how would you propose handling it?

Having been on the City Council, 17 of the last 19 years, I am aware of the ongoing needs such as Safety, Traffic, Odor, Parks, Programs and events, as well as others.  Every year, based on input from the community and staff, a determination is made on what are the highest priorities to dedicate the necessary resources, both personnel and financial, to achieve them.  Although not currently an issue, due to our growth I consider the most pressing issue we need to address is safety and security. In Question 3 below and will address some contemplated solutions.

How you’ll handle population growth in our city, especially with the recent arrival of illegal immigrants?

Although some growth is still projected, based on availability vacant land, Doral has already experienced its largest growth during the last 20 years. Most of the residential development in Doral was approved before we became a City, but as always since becoming a city, all future development will be considered based on its impact to the City such as traffic and schools. As far a recent arrival of illegal immigrants, it has not presented a problem for Doral, but I have had discussion with our City Manager and Attorney, and we are making plans to be prepared, if necessary.


Do you think the city should increase its police force?

Safety is our highest priority, so we are constantly adjusting the size of our police force. Currently, 12 more officers are already in process of being hired plus 6 new officers to be hired starting October 1st.  Although not seen, we have invested in technology that allows us to protect our city more efficiently using programs such as our License Plate Reader Cameras that results 3% of the vehicles entering being stopped by an officer due to stolen vehicle, arrest warrant or others.  Also, programs such as Safe Cam and numerous others that I am currently exploring with the Chief.

A personal message to voters:

I am not running out a capricious desire or opportunism. I am running out of commitment to the City I help found and have served for 17 years.  I am termed out in November, and with Mayor Bermudez leaving to the County Commission, all experience as well as historical and institutional knowledge would be lost.  In November as your new Mayor, I will not be improvising, but rather I will continue to do what I have done for the last 17 years and implementing numerous new ideas. Doral is great, but the best is yet to come. 



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