AMERICA VIVA! 100 Voices – for the Education of the Children of the Americas

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By: Cristina Rutherford


AMERICA VIVA! 100 Voices, is a benefit gala show that celebrates the “mestizaje” of the Americas.  This spectacular dance and musical performance supports children’s education in various countries of the Americas.  AMERICA VIVA! 100 Voices depicts how a mestizo soul was born out of the mixture of Spanish, African and Indigenous cultures and its fantastic journey all over the continent. This dance fusion premiered 15 years ago with significant impact in the largest festival in the world and has delighted audiences in Europe, Asia and the Americas.


Narrated live by renowned winner of multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy awards, Paquito D’Rivera, hosted by Patricia Janiot, and with special guests Miami Children’s Chorus, the America Viva Band and New Land Dance Company, this show conveys a profound Pan-American message of inclusion and diversity to audiences of all ages and nationalities. 


An unprecedented artistic and humanitarian event that is an initiative of America Viva Alliance in partnership with 28 nonprofit organizations, including Autismo en Voz Alta, a non-governmental (NGO), non-profit organization (NPO). Autismo en Voz Alta has the belief that education is an essential pillar for the development of an inclusive society and a contribution to the wellbeing of all of its members.


By using the code “AUTISMO” when purchasing tickets, you will be contributing 50% of the ticket value to the Autismo en Voz Alta in Venezuela, to continue providing effective, creative, and meaningful support for many families coping with autism as possible.

Tickets on sale now starting from $65 at


AMERICA VIVA! 100 Voices will take place at the Adrienne Arsht Center, on October 15th at 8:00 pm.



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