Poll reveals only 11% of unvaccinated Americans say they will get the shot

DORAL, FL – Many unvaccinated Americans are not in favor of getting the COVID-19 shot according to a new poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. 

Proof of that is that only 11% of them say they definitely will get the shot compared to the 34% convinced otherwise. 

But there are a large number of unvaccinated Americans that still haven’t made up their minds. The AP revealed 27% of the 1,842 adults questioned from April 29 thru May 3 for the poll say they probably will get vaccinated, while another 27% say they probably won’t. 

Nevertheless, according to the research made, in between ‘probably’ and ‘definitely’ there has been an improvement since about 1 in 5 Americans adults say they probably or definitely won’t get vaccinated compared to about a third in January. 

And what population is more in favor or against it? The AP says black Americans are among the ones in the first group together with Asian Americans with 26% of black Americans claiming they definitely or probably won’t get vaccinated compared with 41% in January, and only 9% of Asian Americans saying they definitely or probably won’t get the vaccine’s shots. 

In contrast, but close to the above numbers, 22% of Hispanic Americans and white Americans are most likely against getting a COVID-19 vaccine. 

The poll also found there are disparities in people with different political views with 32% of Republicans now saying they probably or definitely won’t get vaccinated, although this number improved from the 44% in January. Adults under 45 and rural Americans are also inclined to saying no to the vaccine. 

In addition, the poll gave explanation of why those unvaccinated remain reluctant. It seems the little confidence on the testing process along with the side effects has to do with it. 55% of the people questioned are very concerned about this last aspect. 

“We worked our butts off for the last six years hunting vaccines for earlier cousins of COVID-19 — a head start that made the difference…the vaccines’ speedy development is historic and it is brag-worthy” Kizzmekia Corbett, National Institutes of Health immunologist, recently told the AP about the concerns regarding the apparent fast development of the vaccines. 

As someone who helped lead development of the Moderna shot, she said to the AP the COVID-19 vaccines won’t cause infertility by any means. 

The report addresses the side effects concerns by explaining mayor studies and data has shown the main ones are temporary fevers or aches as the immune system revs up, while more concerning side effects, as the ones seen in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, are “incredibly rare”.

Meanwhile, scientists are making their best efforts to answer all questions in the run for getting as much people vaccinated as people in order to return to normal. 

 More than 150 million people — about 58% of all adults — have received at least one dose, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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  • When I can sue the company that makes the vaccine for problems and the government for forcing me to get the vaccine, I might consider getting it…

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